help on my e6600 upgrade!!!

hey guys (and gals)

ive just aquired a dual core E6600. i have ordered an arctic cooler 7 for my heatsink and was wondering if anyone out there can help or has experience with the e6600.
ive got a ati x800xl 256mb gfx card, ocz 2gb ddr2 platinum edition ram, and a GA945PL-S3 m.o.b.
now my m.o.b only supports 800mhz FSB, which sucks considering the e6600 does 1033FSB, which is what i want!!!.
can anyone tell me what m.o.b would be ideal. id like to have 4gb of ram and have the option to overclock this wee puppy.
Also, is SLi really that cool or just a fad???
(oh, im on a budget too so $500 m.o.b are out of my league.)

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  1. its not as you think
    the e6600 has 266 fsb
    which if i remember 266*9
    the 800 of ram is actualy 400
    so you can over clock you cpu 3600mhz
  2. and yes if you add another 1x2 pc6400 you should use 64 version of OS
  3. Well, your MB does support the CPU, but yes it's not a great fit. The CPU support sheet implies it only supports the CPU at 800 FSB... not sure but I'm guessing that would be 200 Mhz. If your CPU is limited to a 9x multiplier that could be bad.

    Any modern MB will work fine. I like the ASUS P45 or P43 line myself.

    P5Q Pro is a good choice, crossfire or not.
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