Overclocking 8800GTS (512)

I've overclocked GPUs before using Rivatuner but I was wondering what kind of overclocks you guys have gotten with this card and where a safe overclock would be.
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  1. just watch ur temps lolz and no volt modding and ur safe
  2. Can I just ask, what is a safe temp? I was fiddling around with my 8800GT last night and was approaching 90C. Should I be keeping away from this as it seems very high? What would be a safe operating temp?
  3. I came here looking for an answer to this question as well.

    I have the 8800GTS and would like to know what a 'safe' temp is. I followed the instructions in the OC guide... but my card only got up to around 55C during an ATITool test at stock settings. I'm sure it can go higher than that... and before I start pushing it, I'd like to know what is 'reasonable'.

    Is there a manufacturer max temp spec like there is on CPUs?
  4. I guess I just want to get a survey of what settings other people are using and use that as a reference.
  5. Make sure you take advantage of the fan control on Rivatuner and crank it up. I have the older 640mb GTS @ 689/900 and it's idling at 41 C, never over 55 under load (I have an Antec 900 case with the fans maxed and the card's fans manually set at 80% and instructed to go to 90% when temps go above 50C). I think 90C is a bit high, but from what I've heard the 70-80 range doesn't seem to be catastrophic.
  6. I've got my 8800gts 512 running at: core/shader: 777/1944 and the memorry at: 1080mhz, With my e8400 @ 4,2ghz i get around 14700 in 3dmark 06, maybe you can clock the card higher than this, i didn't actually tried, but 1080 really is the limit for the memorry, I tried to get it up to 1100, wich was stable during some games, but in 3dmark06 with the deepfreeze test, it showed artifacts, so no go there.....

    Anyway, mine doesn't get higher than 58 degrees celsius during 1 hour gameplay of crysis! (the fan is set at 80% or so) So temp is no problem with this card!

    I've seen reviews where they were able to get the gpu to 820mhz! but i didn't tried it with mine, but it is possible, aspecially with a volt mod, although i wouldn't recommend volt modding, i never did it, and i'm not going to, just to risky, i love my vid card to much to screw it up ;).

    Anyway, 777/1944 and 1080 for the memorry is very stable!
  7. I've read somewhere that the g92 is safe up to something super high, I'm pretty sure it said 100 *C but I can't find it again so I'm not sure. I personally wouldn't let mine get that high. Mine with 60% fan doesn't go above 55 *C under full load, even with the OC.
  8. the 8800gts g92 is a great overclocker. My card with watercooling went to 815 core and 1090 memory.
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