Seting up raid and keeping vista install?

Ok so i finally got another 500gig 7200rpm segate barracuda to match the one i have now, for a raid 0 array!. Now i have had my current intall of vista for 4 months now (record length for me ;) ) and i would really like to keep it because its all customized and Ive got all my stuff installed ect. . Ive set up raids before but its allways been with a fresh install. So to keep my vista, my plan is to split my hard drive into 2 partions 250gigs each (one blank and one with my vista partion), and then install my second drive and split it in two like the first one. Then Ill create a raid 0 with the blank 250gig partion on the first drive and the first blank one on the second(new) drive. Ill then COPY the 250 gig partion with vista on the first drive onto the raid partion and delete it. Finally ill delete the two blank partions and extend the raid partion (now with vista on it) to take up all of both hard drives!

So the question is, will the work? I think so, but its always nice to get a conformation in case i missed some thing (or if this is just plain impossible :D )
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  1. help? I would really like a conformation before i go through with this.
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