Asus 3870x2 no temp or fan readings

I just got an Asus 3870x2 the other day. It seems to perform alright, but after playing Quake Wars for over an hour I start getting artifacts and solid colored textures. I wanted to see if it was overheating and if the fan wasn't kicking in properly, but I can't seem to find a program that will let me know the temps of my gpus cores or the speed of the fans. I tried Asus CCC, ATITool, ATI Traytools, Rivatuner, Speedfan, and Asus Smartdoctor all to no avail. I am using the drivers supplied by Asus, Driver Packaging Version 8.451-071220a1-057770C-Asus.

Anyone else having a similar problem? Anyone have an Asus 3870x2 who can find out their temps and fan speeds? My next step is to try Catalyst 8.1 (non Asus version), but I'm thinking this isn't going to help.
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  1. I was right it didn't help. . .
  2. bump
  3. i use

    :) CCC didn't help because Overdrive doesn't appear (box sez need 6+2 pin for Overdrive). ASUS SmartDoctor refused to work (it worked on my 3650 flawlessly!) so yeah I'm pretty much on the same boat as you are.
  4. Thanks for the reply, but the temps don't show up in hwmonitor either. I'm pretty confused as to why not.
  5. Use driver cleaner the try Catalyst 8.1 again.
  6. Have you tried to use RivaTuner? That software works wonders in my Radeon 3850. Pretty fast too. :)
  7. San Pedro, I'm using the Asus 3870x2 too and the reading is there, regardless whether I'm using ASUS or non-ASUS provided drivers. It still works with the 8.2.

    Btw I'm in Windows XP.
  8. I got windows xp pro 64. I'm using two 6 pins power cables instead of a 6 and an 8.

    Going to try new Catalyst. . .
  9. If it calls for a 6 and a 8 thats what you should use. Probably your problem right there. If I pull 2 spark plugs off my car to save gas my car dont work right. WTF? Same principle.
  10. The card seems to work fine, I just can't monitor my temps and fan level. I'll just get a 6-8pin adapter see if that works.
  11. You only need the 8 pin adapter to over clock. Trust me.

    As far as temps go... I don't see why HWMonitor doesn't work for you. I'm running Vista Ultimate 64-bit and it seems to work fine. As far as artifacts... could be driver related or heat issues. It would be helpful if you listed your system specs.
  12. You can view my system config, by clicking on the more info button under my name, but in case you don't want to its: GA-P35-DS3L, e6750, 2gb OCZ RAM at 4-4-4-15, 2 x WD HDs, Asus 3870x2, powered by OCZ Gamexstream 600.

    I should also say I haven't gotten any artifacts playing Quake Wars lately, but I would still like to know what temps I'm running at.
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