Windows Vista Repair Your Computer Asking For Other User?

I'm trying to do a factory restore on my Dell Inspiron 546, but when I go to the F8 Advanced Boot Menu and click the Repair Your Computer option it prompts me to enter in my login creditials for the "other user" saying that it is set up as a domain server or something.
It has a virus that I'm trying to repair which pops up with an error saying ci.dll corrupted so I'm trying to restore it to factory settings. I do not have a disc and I can't get the system recovery to work. How do I bypass this other users page so I can access the Factory Settings Restore page?
I was able to do this before, but I had a problem where my computer continually restarted so I used System Restore to a previous date and now I got this CI.dll blue screen error and I can't figure out how to bypass that other users page to get to the factory settings page.
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  1. Can't you click on the down arrow and choose a different user name?
  2. I don't have the option. I read somewhere on the internet that something might have been changed in the Registry or something. But all it has is a login screen that says Other Users and the Ease of Access button that doesn't do anything when you click it.
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