Blank screen in Media playback with HD2600Pro in XP

I have just installed the new HD2600Pro 512mb card in my new PC.

The problem is that I have updated everything latest, but when I run Real player and Win Media player, all I have got is blank screen with only the sound playing. I have the latest Catalyst and driver, Win Media 11. When I unstall the video driver and run it at default WinXP video mode, everything is back to normal, but then when I install the ATI driver again, I get blank video playback again. Can anyone help?

My MB is Asus P5E-VM with E6750 CPU and 2Gb of RAM.

Please give me some advices!
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  1. I have sourced the problem back to the setting of Catalyst. I have no idea why, but it seems to be consistant. Strange.......
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