Need all the advice I can get! New build.... input needed

Alright everyone. The moment I've been waiting for. My current rig just fried and I get to build a new one :)

Right now I am going to replace the motherboard, cpu, memory, hard disk, case and power supply... oh and the HSF.

I'm setting a budget around 1500 for all that. I may get another EVGA 8800GT and run an SLI setup. I know I want an Nvidia chipset and an Intel cpu. I want Quad too.

So here are the rules. No convincing me of anything but Nvidia chipset... and nothing but Quad core cpu's. I want 2x2 gig sticks of memory that are extremely overclockable.

Tell me all of your thoughts down to the case and power supply you think I should get. Also should I look at the newer Penryn or stick with the older Quads? Should I be looking at the 780i or 680i? What speed memory should I get?

Help me out people. I am officially going to buy and build on or around the 15th of Febuary. I need all the input you can give me with your brutal honest opinions!
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  1. On top of people's advice, you should also do extensive research of your own.. Most people simply have a brand preference even though benchmarks can go against them. I myself spent months researching my components and it still wasn't perfect.

    If you want nvidia, and want to stay cheap, the 680i is still a phenomenal board. Make sure you update its bios before isntalling a quad cpu though.

    2x2gb sticks that overclock "extremely" well do not exist. Take a look at patrtiot extreme, mushkin, and g-skill. I bought 4x1gb crucial for guaranteed micron chips and better overclocking.

    Antec cases are my preference, though many people prefer thermaltake and coolermaster to name a few.

    If you aren't building for a month or so, then wait for the penryns, otherwise get a Q6600 now. a seagate 7200.11 hard drive of any size would be fine.

    Corsair makes a nice tier 2 modular PSU, then 620HX, and is rated for all SLI setups (excluding tri-sli).

    heatsink fan, since quads run a little hotter than duals, get a top of the line cooler such as TRUE 120 or tuniq tower, etc.

    good luck.
  2. So far i've been looking at an Antec nine hundred case and pcp&c 750 silencer. Another 8800gt and 2x2 gig ddr1000 speed memory. I saw G.Skill for cheap. I really want the 780i. Just because I think it will run penryn's better without having to update bios.

    Does anyone disagree with my selections so far? Should I wait to get penryn? Should I even consider 780i? Should I get 2x2 gigs of memory? Should I stick with 800 speed or go for the faster memory? How about thermalright HSFs? I read good reviews of these is there anything that you think is better?

    If you had $1500 to spend what would you get minus keyboard, mouse, monitor?
  3. Need some input... Here is what I have so far: here is the Antec 900 WD raptor 150 Another 8800GT. same one i have currently installed. memory... does it matter that it's not EPP? I've read that nvidia and some companies have the EPP for better performance for gaming. this is obviously up to some debate. but i like that this board is 2.0 pci-e and supports new penryn without bios flashing. what are your opinions? 64 bit... is it necessary? I want 4 gigs so I thought I should get 64 bit.

    And lastly I dont know what proc to get... i'm really thinking Q6600 right now only because the new yorkfields arent out yet. Maybe a wolfie???? I really wanted quad though!!!

    Need input here fellas!

    Down to any screwtany you may provide!
  4. I've got an e8400 running at 4.2 ghz with barely changing the vcore. I love the new wolfies and are equally impressed with the features on my asus 750i. You get 45nm support. PCI express 2.0 support. Nvidia chipset, And all on a budget cheaper than a 680i lt. Look into it and see what you think. only downfall is you are limited to 4 sata ports.
  5. Well I have been thinking more about getting the newer wolfdale. Is there any news of a faster one coming than the e8400?

    I like the 780i due to the ability to support two cards at 16x lanes. I'm thinking this may be better for cards now and especially in the future. I want fast memory too... like 1066.

    Anything else I should be looking at? What makes the x38 so special Beurling? I noticed that's what you are running.
  6. the 750i also runs at 16x on both lanes with a bios update. Just some information.
  7. the e8500 is supposed to be out pretty soon like march but it only buys you a couple houndred mhz and a .5 increase on the multiplier.
  8. WEll i'm thinking more along the lines of the Q9450... i have seen places to pre-order it but none in stock. Anyone have any idea when there will be some in stock?
  9. I'm pretty set on the EVGA 780i board. I am considering to run Windows Vista 64. I need recommendations on memory. Should I get DDR2 800 or 1000 or even higher like 1066? Also I dont know whether I should get 2x2 set of memory or 2x1 set. I've seen sets in the 1200 speeds on the 1 gig sticks but not on the 2 gig sticks.

    What kind of memory should I get? Should I get some that states that it is EPP? Should I get 2x2 or 2x1? Should I get overclocked memory or stick with 800 speeds?
  10. FYI... orders away:

    Antec 900, PCPC 750 silencer, E8400, 2X2GB OCZ reaper DDR2 800, windows vista 64, EVGA 780i, 2X8800GT superclocked, WD raptor X, and a thermalright ultra-120 extreme.

    Cant wait to finally put it together... if anyone has similar system lets talk overclocking. I want at least 3.6 with temps super super low. I'm hoping for a 15k 3dmark06 score but think that I can get more even still.
  11. By the way!!!

    I built and this system rocks... 18600 3dmark06!
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