How to unblock certain ports. or forward ports.

I HAVE already checked many forums n sites but now i hope someone can help me here.I wanted to forward port for team fortress 2.I have already done what stated in portforwarding
site and but whenever i check at this site
it show.this error
Error: I could not see your service on port (27015)
And more
Reason: Connection refused

Just thinking that it might not be related with firewall or antivirus problem,i even disable firewall n uninstall kaspersky too but still no success.Now all hope on u guys
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  1. You need to set a static IP for your computer on the network, otherwise port forwarding does not work at all. See at the end of the PORT FORWARD row how it has 192.168.1.[ ]. You need to choose a number (usually between 100-150 is good for a linksys router) and put it in there.

    After that, go to your network connections and assign that IP (along with the Subnet Mask and Default Gateway) to the connection you use for the internet. If you've already done that, then make sure your software firewall isn't blocking ports.

    If you don't have the static IP set, then your router is receiving packets on that port, but it doesn't know where to forward them because there is no IP input or the IP it is directed to does not exist on the network.
  2. i have static ip,as i already done the procedure u said above.Actually i also use emule and earlieri was having low id so after that port forwarding and static ip i have high id but not able to figure out yet with this steam problem.
  3. I have the same problem I have unblocked my fire and port forwarded and it sill says it closed and I can not join my server on 28015
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