Need New Gaming RAM: Latency or Frequency?

Well my Crucial Ballistix 4gb of ram has died.

I've RMA and I decided going to use it on my brother computers.

So now I'm looking for new ram.
I never know whats benefit more for gaming when it comes down to ram.
Latency or Frequency.

A ram with 4-4-4-12 800 pc6400 timing or a ram with 5-5-5-15 1066 PC8500?

I just want the best but I'm NO overclocker when it comes to ram.
I was looking at these RAM here.

-Crucial Tracer
-OCZ Reaper
or the
-Corsair Dominator (What's the different between these two?)

I' am buying their fan ether way.
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  1. As a note, I don't the the OCZ would clear the fan. The heatsink might be too big, because the Dominator leaves only a bit of space itself. But then again, that OCZ with a seperate fan put on it would cool well too.
  2. The first ram link doesn't work for me. The second one looks like a nice pair of Dominator sticks.
  3. the 1st link is a Crucial Tracer. 5-5-5-15 1066 pc8500
    It got a nice LED feature too along with 2(1gb of ram)

    Just wondering though. Should I look at the "1066 pc8500"
    or look for timing, "4-4-4-12"

    Which one more important?
  4. crucial is certified to run 1000mhz @ 5-5-5-15

    i have the crucial tracer pc2 6400 @ 4-4-4-12 @ 1066mhz
  5. What FSB speed are you running (i.e. why do you want such fast RAM)?
  6. e6850 @stock
  7. Ok your running a Intel CPU based on FSB so it doesnt really matter. The higher frequency RAM may give a little better performance but what you need is size, 2x2gig or 4x2gig. The huge cache on intels current CPUs negates a lot of the performance of the RAM. AMDs design and Intels next design wont use the FSB so they will depend more on RAM speed, ie: DDR3. Four gigs of DDR2 800 should be fine for you and be a bit cheaper then 1066 but there may be a little better performance with the faster RAM. I'm talking like 1-2% but it may be more, you should check some of the articles on Toms and other sites that compare this issue.
  8. I can bring DDR2 1066 to FSB 1333, will this guarantee better performance than 800MHZ CL4? Both in 4GB.
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