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ok, so i have a 30gb OCZ ssd as my OS drive, and a 1tb seagate hdd as my storage drive, i have been wondering, is it possible to add say another 30gb ssd to my system in a RAID setup without having to reinstall all of my stuff? and i would like to buy another storage drive as well, and use RAID 1 so my info is safe and i want to use RAID 0 on the ssd's...
thanks for the help
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  1. depends on the chipset: modern Intel chipsets
    support "RAID migration": RTFM

    nevertheless, on ASUS motherboards with Intel chipsets,
    merely changing the BIOS setting to RAID will probably
    cause a BSD.

    Cleanest and simplest way is to do a clean install of Windows,
    after configuring your RAID 0 array using the option ROM
    on your motherboard.

    What has also worked for us in the past is to create a drive
    image of C: first; then, change the BIOS setting to RAID;
    enter the option ROM during boot-up to configure/size the RAID array;
    restore the drive image file to that RAID using the F6 option
    (I'm assuming the GHOST restore sequence here);
    re-install Windows from the Setup CD also using F6 --
    to load your RAID device driver software -- and
    the "Repair" option: this should overwrite only the
    OS files.

    fyi: I only did this once, and I'm not exactly sure
    if I have the sequence totally correct: but, you
    get the general idea.

    Your mileage may vary :) GOOD LUCK!!

  2. ok, thanks, if i can get the money together im going to buy the hard drives and setup A RAID setup soon... but i have to buy a sound card i think... Vista wont let me use my motherboards onboard sound card... :fou: :fou: :fou: i hate vista... lol

    p.s. i have a MSI p45 Platinum motherboard... does that have Raid Migration?
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