My computer takes longer time to load icons at the desktop and also it is slow w

hi my computer is getting really slow. now it is taking more time to load the icons at desktop awell as to load the internet explorer. it use to be fast before but it is taking more time to execute the command. i am using xp. pentium 4, 1 gb ram, symentic antivirus. i used utility softeware tune up. does that made it slow. i dont know what to do.
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  1. Any "speed up your system" utility programs help so little that you won't notice anything. Most will actually slow down your system, or are fake spyware. Uninstall whatever you put on there, and install Malwarebytes and scan your system with it.

    With any luck nothing major happened to your system, otherwise it's off to the re-install of Windows for you.
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