First time build w/Wolfdale up & runnin w/Gigabyte mobo yippie!!

Here are the specs:

Antec Earthwatts 500watt PSU
Raidmax Smilodon Casing
1x 120mm front intake fan
1x 120mm exhaust fan
2x 80mm side fans
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L rev. 2.0
Intel Wolfdale E8400 @ 3.0GHz
2x 1GB 667Mhz SDRAM
250GB SATA hard disk
16x DVD Burner

CPU is currently running at 18C and the 8800 at 41C. I have not tried overclocking yet because everything I've thrown at this has been running at a solid 60+ FPS on max settings (i'm a gamer). The time has come to purchase Crysis.

I know alot of people out there have been considering pairing up this board, the ga-p35-ds3l with the e8400. Yes it works out of the box with rev2.0. However! The system will only boot up. I read in another thread on here some guy saying he got Vista installed without having to flash his bios. Unless his board shipped with the latest bios, that is not possible. Windows setup will not load until you update your bios. This is my first build, and to everyone on here considering building their first computer- It's not hard at all, it's VERY simple. Just stay cool, take your time, read the manual if you need to. You know I assumed the hardest part about the installation would be getting the stock intel HSF installed. It is actually a piece of cake. Took me about 10 seconds. Just align up the pins and push down. I read horror stories on here about people almost cracking their motherboards and that was not the case here. Anyways, I had everything set up, and then suddenly I powered the system on and all I got was a long continous beep. After 10min of troubleshooting and then almost freaking out thinking I could not do this right, I realized I forgot to replug the 8800GTS pci-express 6pin power cable which i had plugged in initially but then decided to unplug and work on my cable management.
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  1. Now go OC the CPU if you haven't already. Here is a how to guide on the P35-DS3L:

    Side not: You should have gone with DDR2 800 RAM. Nice build overall :)
  2. If it ain't broken, OVERCLOCK IT!
  3. Good job on the build... congrats. I 2nd the DDR 800 RAM.
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