File order and arrangment by volume

I am looking for the file or setting that keeps the order arrangement of files and folders by volume.

Example, when I open my external hard drive or a encrypted vault or any other kind of volume Letter assignable drive, as a certain letter that I used last, such as 'Q' then the files are arranged the exact way I last had them BUT if i open that drive as say 'L' then the files default back to some pre arranged order.

Thanks so much
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  1. I'm not sure that's possible. If you use a different drive letter how is Windows to know it's the same drive. Why not just use the same drive letter each time?
  2. because if I open my drive as a certain later, the same one i used last time when i ordered my files in a certain arrangement (with auto arrange and align to grid OFF) then if i Open it again as the same letter the arrangement stay BUT if I open it as another letter the arrangement defaults back
  3. ok basically now I just want to know where the file or setting is for when you turn off auto arrange and manual arrange files, where is that setting or file that tell the computer where to arrange those kept?
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