Is Arctic Freezer 7 Pro good for Quad core CPU?

I see many people are trying to get Q9550.

I am also getting Q9550 but im not sure whether I should
buy Arctic Freezer 7 Pro or buy something else.

it looks like Arctice Freezer 7 Pro works almost perfectly with dual core cpu such as E8400. At newegg, there are some heavy worshipping going on. On the other hand, I can rarely see any quad core users in the reviews.

So how is Arctice Freezer 7 for Q9550 assuming that I am going to overclock it to 3.4? Should I stick with it or should go for more expensive cooler?
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  1. The Arctic Freezer 7 is a good budget cooler, but not the best. If you want to get the most out of overclocking your system get a better cooler.
  2. It's a good cooler if you have space constraints, but if you can fit a 120mm fan tower in your case it will be better. The freezer pro 7 will probably accommodate that OC with that processor, but it will definitely be warm. I'd spend just a few more dollars on a xigmatek s1283, or the s963 for a 92mm solution. Those, I think, are the best bang for the buck.
  3. hmm.. I will definately consider those big coolers. But how about Antec 900 case ( heard that it offers very good cooling system ) + arctic freezer 7 pro?
    Will it still be worm with antect 900 case's massive cooler?
  4. probably not as warm, but definatly warmer then a S1283 or a sunbeamtech core-contact freezer.
  5. The main reason why I chose that arctic freezer pro 7 is that it comes with the pre-applied mx-1 thermal paste.

    Is there any other good cooler that comes with pre-applied thermal material ? How about those coolers mentioned above? ( s1283, or the s963 )
  6. ACF7P is a good cooler even for overclocking around 3.2GHz using a quad like Q6600.

    BTW, ACF7P is applied with either MX-1 or MX-2. I suppose all the new ones are pre-applied with MX-2. I got this info off of
  7. After consideration, I made a new list.

    ZEROtherm Nirvana NV120

    Sumbeam CR-CCTF


    Thermaltake CL-P0257

    These are the coolers that I have in minds for Ocing Q9550 to 3.4GHz
    ( 2.8 -> 3.4 )

    Aside from the PRICE factor, which one should I get?
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