GA-(E)X38-DQ6 - does it smoothly wake up from sleep in Vista?

I am going to buy GA-(E)X38-DQ6 or Aus P5E. I would prefer Gigabyte MOBO (at least because of better extension slots placement) but have some hesitations:
When you wake up the X38-DQ6 system from sleep under Vista:
- does graphics card wake up with slow (2D) fan speed? Or it wakes up with high (3D) speed? I ask because I previously had one Gigabyte board and when I woked up system, the fan on graphic card was turning at high speed making a lot of noise. In my opinion it was a bug. (In 2D mode my graphic card is not audible and it works like that after booting Vista).

Secondly on my previous MOBO (GA-X38-DS4) I had a problem with pc-speaker which buzzed for a few second when waking from sleep (ACPI: S3) under Vista. It was a warning that CPU-Fan was stopped for a few second while system was being woken from sleep. The only way for this was to disable FAN-Fail warning in BIOS. Is it the same on GA-(E)X38-DQ6?

Finally I wonder if temperatures on MOBO chipsets in (E)X38-DQ6 are acceptable, and not threatening longevity of chips.

Please post and suggestions even not strictly replying my question - as I am strongly tempted by GA-(E)X38-DQ6 but on the other side I expect Asus P5E to be more reliable in mentioned technical details.

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  1. Mark,

    I have the GA-X38-DQ6 Vista64 with a WD150 Raptor configured as C and 2 Samsung 500G in RAID1 as D. I originally had the RAID disks on the JMICRON SATA connectors. With this connection say every 7-8 wakups, I would find the RAID volume had been set read-only and it would require a re-boot to clear. This was an extra hassle because I had the user profiles as D:\Users. This problem occurred right from initial install. I eventually moved the RAID disks to the orrange connectors and the problem has not reoccurred. (on the other hand, I do have a 1 min delay slow startup problem due to the Intel Matrix Storage Manager not coming ready fast enough from cold boot - I have an almost identical Vista64 on an ASUS P5K Dlx that doesn't have these problems - but the DQ6 can run 8GB 800MHz and the P5K can't). Thats my $0.02
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