My wireless network stoped working one day

Hi there, My laptop had a wireless internet working on it. I am not a computer expert.One morning I signed in and I found that the internet is not working on it, no wireless internet icon in the control panel network connections either.All the other laptops in the house are working fine.I had both Mozilla and internet explorer but I was using mozilla only .Somehow during the updating of itunes, this new thing safari got installed.i don't even know what that is.Could it be because of that .Please helpme. I have tried talking to my Internet service provider , they said it is with the hardware or software.I am using windows xp.Please help me
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  1. Safari is Apple's browser -- not a very good one and many Mac users avoid it -- so it's hard to understand why Apple would imagine you need it installed on a PC.

    If your wireless adapter has its own utilities try running those first. If no joy you might try re-running Window's network wizard which may restore TCP/IP settings and give you back your networking.

    If it was me I'd uninstall iTunes and take the iPod back to the store and complain that they screwed your computer.

    There are equally good MP3 players from other manufacturers which don't require any software like iTunes -- in my view an intrusive and (pretty incomprehensible) piece of Mac software that has been adapted badly to the PC.
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