How to remove the write protection of the disk

Hello ,

May I ask help on how to remove write protection of my SD card in my camera. It just happened that it says it is write-protected. Honestly I didn't know why and how it happened. It just appeared there when I was trying to take a photo and couldn't anymore use my SD card in digicam for that cause.

And then I tried copying it in my USB or even to copy it in my desktop or hard drive but again it appears that it is write protected and there is an indication that write-protection should be removed in order to copy the picture in another file and likewise make use of the Sd for photo taking.

Please help me how to remove the write protection of my Sd.

Thank you so much. Looking forward for your favorable help.

Very truly yours,
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  1. Look at the left hand side of this image where it says Lock -- notice the white plastic slide -- this is the write protect slide -- it has 2 position locked or unlocked - if locked the sd card is write protected so slide it to unlocked !
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