External HD not showing up unless I restart.

I have a Cavalry 1TB external HD. I am connecting it with a eSata cable and am running windows Vista 32bit. I was curious as to why every time I want to use this hard drive I have to restart my computer. If I turn it on and its plugged in and I restart my computer, then it works fine. But if it starts to get warm, I will turn in off, but to get it to show back up as a drive in "My Computer" I have to reboot the computer. I was wondering if this is the same thing that happens to every external HD or is there something I can do to fix this problem?

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  1. are you using the remove removable harddrive software when you turn them off?

    i was under the impression that esata was hot swappable like usb, what operating system are you using?

    does it have a usb lead you can test with?
  2. Not exactly sure what your talking about, about the removable HD software when I turn off. All I do when I turn off my HD is flip the switch on the back of my external hard drive.

    I am using windows Vista 32bit, and yes I have a USB to test it out with. In fact I remember testing it out with USB when I first got it a few weeks ago, but cant remember what I found out. Ill have to test it again today, and let ya know what I find out.
  3. I'm having a very similar problem. When putting in USB keys, they don't show up in my computer. I am able to access these drives by typing in their drive letter in run, and I can find them in open dialogue boxes. My Computer will not show it until I log off and log back on.

    I'm pretty savvy so the solution isn't one of the obvious answers. The drive has a free letter mapped to it, it's accessable, but My Computer will not show it. Ideas?
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