Preventitive care for XP Pro?

Hi, Just a few simple questions about the best overall software maintenance downloads for XP Pro SP3. I am running XP Pro on an older IBM ThinkPad Z60t. Currently, I am using the free addition of Advanced System Care for everyday maintenance. It seems to be quite good, but is there something better (and free) that I am overlooking? I am a rank novice at the tech game so I gotta keep it a bit simple for now. Any good ideas?
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  1. badge said:

    Hey, thanks a lot badge... I also am using Ccleaner, and I think it's a great product too. A couple ofs question about the "Wipe free space" option on that program... First, why use it?, and secondly, when using the whole cleaning tool & Wipe free space, at what level of security is it "wiped" or "cleaned" with? Is it like Dept. of Defense level? And finally, What does SSD? Again, thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience... Copperhead 1
  2. Quote:
    Is it like Dept. of Defense level?

    Norton? :lol:
  3. OK, Ok, have yer fun, but I remember years ago that there was some hot-*** security overwriter that boasted D.O.D. level security overwriting. Isn't that basically what Ccleaner is doing on "Wipe free space"?

    Yeah, that little gizmo you are using looks like it would be well worth it if you are working with a lot of large files, but I'm not and if I did purchase one, I wouldn't be able to take my girl out for a month. The wailing and nashing of teeth that would ensue puts me right off the idea all together
  4. A couple of things regarding my thoughts on national security. I don't mind exposing everything I got to the enemy and that includes any national security secrets related to cyber warfare too. I'm a Russian puppet. :)
  5. Ummm, Okaaay... I'm not sure that just because you fantasized over Anna Chapman's FaceBook page a time or two qualifies you to be a threat to national security. However, it makes me wonder if you might be of assistance to me in trying to crack a whole slew of security enabled wireless channels? My computer picks up about 15 of them in my neighborhood, but all except one are security enabled. Any neat little programs for that in the Puppeteer's bag of nasty tricks?
  6. Microsoft provides enough security updates to keep you safe for the forseeable future and beyond.
  7. Yeah, I gottcha on that. I was getting soo many of them at first that I thought I was being hacked. My computer is on 24/7 and the automatic updater was set to do it's business at 3 am. I would wake up in the morning with messages like "Some really heavy-duty sh*t was downloaded on to your computer and we had to restart it while you were sleeping." I thought, Holy sh*t, I've been hacked... Only to find out later that it was only one of about 160 Microsoft Hotfixes.
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