ntune won't display the overclocking section or motherboard temps

Hi folks, I know ntune isn't the best overclocking program to use, but it's handy to tweak with, and also it displays all my motherboard temps, voltages and graphics card temps in one place.

Or, it DID! I took one of my 8800gt cards out to fit a new heatsink and fan, and after I put it back the section of ntune in the NVIDIA control panel that displays the clock frequencies isn't there anymore - gone! Also, when I click on the temp monitoring tab to open the ntune window, the only thngs that display are the 8800gt temps and frequencies. It used to display my cpu temp, mobo temp and voltages.

I haven't changed anything else, i've tried reinstalling the drivers (am on the latest forceware beta) and the latest ntune version - so what's going on? I've never used coolbits before to get the nvidia control panel to display this stuff - previously the overclocking section didn't show up immediately, it just appeared after a little while.. :pt1cable:

Have selected the advanced display rather than basic, no joy.

Is there something else I need to do?

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  1. Is there a 'performance' tab hiding in the left pane somewhere? If so expand it and agree to the terms.

    If not you may need to enable low level tweaking of the card first before ntune will adjust settings. There was a utility for that on the install CD for an XFX card I recently installed. Coolbits I think it was called? It was a reg edit.

    Not sure about the monitor. On the last system I built nvmonitor blue screens. Works OK on my current rig though.
  2. Hi notherdude. Yes, it's that 'performance' bit with the agreement to the terms that is missing. I'll try downloading coolbits and see if that makes it appear. Odd that I didn't have to do that previously though.
  3. I didn't have to either on my first gen 8800 gts. But we did recently on my buddies brand new FXF 8800 GTX.
  4. Sorted - was just installing the basic ntune - I had to check the other options when installing, ntune service and stability test. DOH!
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