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Well I have a quick question

I'am in the process of buying another computer and I want to know if I buy 1066mhz RAM but my CPU does not support it, will it run at 800mhz? Will I be able to change the setting in the bios of my MB to select 800mhz instead of 1066?
The new MB will support 800/1066, but I want to buy the 1066 Mhz ram so if in the future,if I buy a new quadcore CPU, atleast I'll have the ram to go with it.

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  1. I have a quad core and use 800 all the way and no issues. Many people here have said to just grab the 800 because cheaper, stable and just as good anyways.

    Plus, if buying something new... why not grab something with the quad core anyways?
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