Recover Lost data after Windows Xp reinstall without Formatting

Can U plz tell me how to recover My Lost data when i reinstalled My Windows xp sp3 leaving the current File system intact?
A new xp installation takes approx
6 Gb,My Windows Pertion Shows 11 gb Occupied.Is there any Chance that the data from the old Installation might be there?Searched The whole c drive but could Not find them
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  1. When you do the search, select hidden files, and make sure in folder options you turn on the ability to show hidden and system files.

    Your data ( assuming you are talking about documents ) should be in a folder called C:\Documents and Settings\yourusername\My Documents. However, if you installed a new installation of Windows, it could have easily overwriten that if you used the same username. You may need to get a file recovery software and run a scan of your drive to see if it will find anything.
  2. Even less likely after three years, folks. Time to close this one.
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