Lan Problem not stable

I use Prolink as my router/modem and Dlink as my 8 port switch

the other computer has no problem connecting to the network but my MSI board is so frustrating,
Its connected but no Internet, sometimes its not connected, sometimes it connects then gain internet access that is so slow then disconnected from the internet after a few seconds , my router DHCP is enabled so it will give ip address to the client automatically but in my MSI motherboard it doesnt work, but in the other pc its just fine

i tried to ping my router and other pc but request time out
i tried to download the latest driver but it did'nt work
i tried to setup the ip manually and automatically still i get error
sometimes i get 10.0mbps sometimes 100.00mbps
i tried to disable the firewall but it didnt work

when i use "ipconfig" the MSI board give different ip address(168.1.1...) unlike the other client 192.1.1....

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  1. You can't use if your gateway is If you do, it simply will not connect at all.

    Connect your PC directly to the modem and make sure your IP address is set to obtain automatically. Next, run an "ipconfig /release" and "ipconfig /renew" command. If you get internet access, then you've configured your router incorrectly.

    Since you can't ping your router at all (they time out) then that leads me to believe you don't have the interface configured correctly. Find out what IP scheme your router is set to (Usually 192.168.1.x) and set your IP address to match the scheme.


    The router uses as it's address. This MUST be set as the default gateway on the nic. If you don't have this set, you will not be able to ping anything, not even the router.

    After this, you could set your IP Address to and subnet mask to

    If those steps still do not work, try using another cable in case the current one sucks and is making poor contact. After that, I'd try updating drivers again or trying a different NIC card (maybe on another machine)
  2. you said 168 for the ip address... was it 169?

    if your computer is not able to reach a dhcp server it defaults to a 169.x.x.x ip address which will not let you go no the internet..

    Why don't you go into the properties for the NIC on your msi board and set it up w\ a static ip address? just be sure to match the subnet mask and default gateway to your pc that is working properly.
  3. yes 169 or something, i tried putting static address but it didn't work, the other computer has no problem like i said i just plug it in and then they're connected, MSI board gives me headache. >_<
    Here is my Setup

    MSI NIC Setup

    IP Address:
    Default Gateway:

    DSN Server

    Router Configuration
    DHCP Enabled
    DHCP Server
    Ip Pool Range -
    Ip Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    IGMP Snooping: Disable
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