GA-P35-D3SL wont install xp with AHCI turned on

Im new to intel parts so maybe this is a dumb question.
I was installing xp pro on all new parts and it blue screened in xp setup many times until I turned off the advances sata features of the ICH9 AHCI and "native mode". Now that xp is installed should I now turn on the advanced features? GA-P35-D3SL and hdd is a new seagate 7200.11 500g.
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  1. Hey I am an "extreme " newbie also,I had a ton of trouble getting my new build going too but I finally did thanks to reading these forums. My board was an Asus P5B and it would not support AHCI in XP ,only Vista I think.Hope this helps..
  2. well In order to use AHCI with windows xp you need to get the sata controller drivers and load them before the installation begins. I think if you hit F6 as the xp setup start you should be good to go. In the case of vista which supports AHCI controller natively you don't need those. So if you want to use AHCI you need to do a fresh install and load the drivers at the start of the xp installation. I hope this helps
  3. good call meww
  4. Can the drivers be installed in windows or does it really require a new install? Is the difference in performance worth doing a whole new install?
  5. im using the same board. n no. im not using ACHI. n my system turns just fine.

    n as meww said. u need to install the drivers before installing windows if u enable AHCI or RAID
  6. Enabling AHCI in a system BIOS will cause a 0x7B Blue Screen of Death STOP error (INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE) on installations of Windows XP where AHCI/RAID drivers for that system's chipset are not installed. Switching to AHCI mode requires installing new drivers before changing the BIOS settings.
  7. It is a catch-22: You cannot boot with AHCI mode without the drivers installed. The driver installation will not proceed without AHCI enabled. Normally you would install the AHCI drivers at Windows XP installation.

    HOWEVER, there is this work-around, which is pretty easy and only takes a few minutes:

    ^ This worked great for me. I am now running in AHCI with Windows XP Pro 32-bit, without having to reinstall the whole OS. I can't say that I really see that much of a difference in performance, but it is nice to know that I am running in REAL SATA mode, and not an emulated IDE mode.
  8. Another workaround I did for my GA-P35-DS3P board (may not apply to the DS3L as it may not have the secondary SATA controller - sorry):

    The part we probably all did when we first got the new PC:
    Have the hard drives connected to the normal ICHR9 SATA connectors.
    Install XP with default (non-AHCI) settings.

    To change to ACHI mode:
    Enable AHCI just for the secondary SATA controller in BIOS (the one they call Gigabyte SATA2).
    Wait for the usual Windows found new hardware etc.
    Install the new drivers.

    From here I believe you can also enable the AHCI mode on the ICHR9 and it should boot OK as well.
  9. Download-Link:

    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 AHCI Driver for Windows XP and Server 2003

    This driver is based on the original F6 floppy disk of the Intel Rapid-Storage Technology Driver Version dated 11/11/2011 with the download name The patched driver can be used
    to install Windows XP and Server 2003 AHCI driver with the F6 option during setup. The following sections
    describe the steps involved in building this patched driver package from the original Intel driver disk.
    You do not have to take these steps. You can simply copy the files from this archive to a floppy disk and
    install the patched AHCI driver during setup with F6 option.

    Download Intel Rapid-Storage Technology Driver

    - go to
    - Menu > Support > Download Latest Drivers
    - Select a product family: Chipsets
    - Select a product line: Chipset Software
    - Select a product name: Intel Rapid Storage Technology
    - Select an Operating System: Windows XP Professional
    - Download type: Drivers
    - Download the Intel Rapid Storage Technology F6 Driver Diskettes

    How to patch the Intel driver to support the ICH9 AHCI controller

    - unpack to C:\ahci
    - edit C:\ahci\iaAHCI.inf
    - in the section [INTEL_HDC.ntx86] add the following line:
    %PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2923&CC_0106.DeviceDesc% = iaStor_Install, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2923&CC_0106
    - in the section [Strings] add the following line:
    PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2923&CC_0106.DeviceDesc = "Intel(R) ICH9 Family 4 Port SATA AHCI Controller - 2923"
    - save C:\ahci\iaAHCI.inf
    - edit C:\ahci\TXTSETUP.OEM
    - in the section [scsi] add the following line:
    iaAHCI_ICH9 = "Intel(R) ICH9 Family 4 Port SATA AHCI Controller - 2923"
    - create a new section with the following data between the already existing sections with a similar name:
    driver = disk1, iaStor.sys, iaStor
    inf = disk1, iaAHCI.inf
    catalog = disk1,
    - create a new section with the following data between the already existing sections with a similar name:
    id = "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2923&CC_0106","iaStor"
    - save C:\ahci\TXTSETUP.OEM
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