New build: Suggestions welcome :)

· INTEL, Core™ 2 Duo E8400 Dual-Core, 3.0GHz, 1333MHz FSB, 6MB L2 Cache, 45nm, 65W, EM64T EIST VT XD
· ARCTIC COOLING, Freezer 7 Pro Quiet CPU Cooling Fan/Heatsink, Socket 775, Ceramic Bearing
· ARCTIC SILVER, Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound, Polysynthetic Silver
· eVGA, nForce 780i SLI 775 A1, LGA775, nForce 780i SLI, 1333MHz FSB, DDR2-1200 8GB /4, PCIe x16 SLI /3, SATA 3.0 Gbit/s RAID 5 /6, HDA, Gb LAN /2, FW /2, ATX
· CORSAIR, 2GB (2 x 1GB) XMS2 Dominator PC2-8500 DDR2 1066MHz CL5 (5-5-5-15) 2.1V SDRAM 240-pin DIMM, Non-ECC, Heatsink
· eVGA, e-GeForce 8800 GTS 670MHz, 512MB DDR3 1940MHz, PCIe x16 SLI, 2x DVI, HDTV/S-Video/Composite Out
· WESTERN DIGITAL, 150GB WD Raptor®, SATA 150MB/s, 10000 RPM, 16MB cache
· WESTERN DIGITAL, 250GB WD Caviar® SE16, SATA 3.0 Gbit/s, 7200 RPM, 16MB cache
· RAID, No RAID, Independent HDD Drives
· MITSUMI, Black Internal 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy Drive
· LITE-ON, LH-20A1L Black/Beige 20x DVD±RW Dual-Layer Burner w/ LightScribe, SATA
· ANTEC, Performance One P182 Black Mid-Tower Case, ATX, No PSU, Steel/Plastic
· THERMALTAKE, Toughpower, 80 PLUS®, 750W Power Supply w/ Modularized Cable Management, 24-pin ATX12V EPS12V, Quad +12V, SLI Ready / CrossFire Certified
· MICROSOFT, Windows Vista Home Premium Edition 32-bit, OEM

What do you think? Any suggestions?

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  1. Beurling Approved. Buy that shizzle!
  2. i think when you're buying some of the best there's no need for suggestions.
  3. Arctic Silver 5 - not required with the Freezer 7 Pro. It comes with AC MX-2 thermal compound pre-applied for easy installation. AC Freezer 7 Pro review If you plan to have the HSF off after install then will you need extra thermal compound. Try AC MX-2 it's non-conductive and easy to work with.

    $240 worth of HDs and only 400GB storage isnt the best deal around. For around $120 you can get a fast 500GB or for $155 you can get a 750GB HD thats almost as fast as the WD Raptor. Also much quieter and cooler.
    Seagate 500GB 7200.11 32MB cache, WD 500GB RE2 , WD 750GB AAKS HD compare review

    If you think you still need a floppy you might as well make a multi-use floppy/flash media reader.
    Otherwise a USB Flash Drive can do everything a floppy was used for in the "old days".
  4. hmm so I should consider dropping the raptor and going with the 5500GB 7200.11?

    How much performance would I lose and would I notice?
  5. In part it depends on how you use your system.
    The biggest difference would be the boot time with Raptor being faster. Example:
    If you're like me and only boot Vista once a week or less its not such a big deal.

    You can expect the peformance to be along these lines:

    Those differences probably aren't enough to notice unless you break out a stopwatch.
    What you would more likely notice (if you had both types of drives side-by-side) is how much quieter the non-raptor drives are.

    More charts here
  6. do you plan on SLI??

    If not then dont get the 780i and get a nice P35..
    If so and I missed it then totally disregard this :D
  7. Thanks for the info. I think I will nix the raptor and go with the 500GB 7200.11

    Although I am not going SLI, I'd like to keep the option open so I am going to stay with the 780i

    Thanks again
  8. Well....see thats the problem with SLI

    By the time you might want to get a second card...its stupid because the new card is better than the SLI. Unless you plan on doing it in say 6 months then I say go ahead...anything longer and its silly :P
  9. I'd skip the Raptors and WD all together. Seagate 7200.11's are the better buy IMO and come with a 5 year warranty. WD is having a hard time competing with the big boys of late and looks to be a ripe target for acquisition.

    Unless you have a strong reason (i.e using PC Power & Cooling) , I'd use the same vendor for PSU and Case. Thermaltake PSU is $149 after $40 rebate whereas the Antec 850 is $129. Lotta Thermaltake cases that I like .... depends on whether you like the lights and stuff or more plain models.

    Watch out for PSU issues with a G92 based vid card....most PSU vendors having irksome random timing issues with them.

    See this thread:
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