Q6600 + Ultra Chilltec Cooler

I have a q6600 and I want to overclock it to 3 ghz. Does anyone know if the Ultra chilltec is a good cooler? Or does anyone have any personal experiences with it? Thanks
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  1. Its a damn expensive cooler to say the least.. Many many cheaper air coolers out there match the performance or even better it!! Have a look at the Thermal right ultra extreme or the zigmatek hdt coolers.. or the zalman cnp9700.. No need to shell out for a TEC cooler which has sub-par performance :)
  2. Q6600 @ 3.0GHz you could go with Xigmatek HDT-S1283 or Xigmatek HDT-SD964

    techgage.com benchmarks are about 4c cooler then the Zalman CNPS9700 at over twice the cost
  3. thanks guys and all of these coolers i can put a blue LED fan on right cuz to me performance is just as important as looks
  4. yes, the xiggy will take any 120 mm fan
  5. if performance is as important as looks and money is no barrier get a zalman CNPS9700LED
  6. obviously it isn't as he was looking at an ultra chilltech
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