Need help with q6600 G0 Overclock

So I'm using an Asus Maximus Formula SE + TRUE + Scythe SFF21F 1600RPM Fan.

I can easily get to 3.0 GHz with voltages on auto, but I'm having trouble getting stable @ 3.4

Here's what I did @3.4 (9*378)
I disabled both spectrums, C1E, Max CPUID value limit, Vanderpool. Memory timings are in auto. I have 2X2 GB OCZ HPC Reapers.

I set the vcore as high as 1.5 in bios (~1.42 in windows with CPU-z) VID is 1.325. I ran Prime95 and the 4th core always seems to not be able to run within the minute. Sometimes afterwards, I get BSOD. I can post and log into windows, but where I should I go from here?


1) Will a high Vcore make the chip unstable, or will it just produce more heat? Temps are in the mid 60's, but I can always lower this after I know it can run stable with more than enough volts.

2) What other settings will I need to adjust? Will the NB voltage need adjustments? the FSB isn't that high that requires this right?

As you can see, I'm fairly new to O/Cing. I did read the guide, but I'm still having trouble. Much thanks for any help.
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  1. Hi.. Since u got a processor with a high VID (unfortunate for you ), to keep it stable, increase your BIOS voltage to 1.55ish and work down from there.. Since you are already comfortable with going up to 1.5, 1.55 shudnt be a problem.. I have mine at 1.6v at 3.6ghz from the past 1 year and I have had no probs..
    I am also on the TRUE.. Try adding a side fan to lower your temps a notch.. By the way, I think u need to hit 378 FSB and NOT 278 for your 3.4Ghz overclock.. But its definitely doable on the TRUE :)
  2. Thanks, I'll try going a little higher if needed. I am getting pretty close to 70C, and I was hoping for a better overclock. Yes, sadly I got a high VID. But I will be more than happy to get at least 3.4 stable.

    I edited my first post. I do have a fan on it to keep temps cool, Will two be worthwhile? and how much of a drop in temps will there be by adding in another fan? 3-4 degrees?

    so for this overclock, I need nothing more than adjusting the vcore? everything else is pretty much fine on auto? (PLL, VTT, NBV, etc?) Will adjusting my memory timings now help it be more stable? they can be set at 4-4-4-15 at 2.1 DRAM Volts. I kept it at auto, but changing so many things at once won't get me anywhere.
  3. Eh, decided to settle at just 3.3Ghz. 3.4 was too unstable, and my temps were getting on the high side. 9 x 366

    Vcore load 1.400V
    vcore 1.392 idle
    Loadline calibration enabled (reduced Vdroop dramatically)

    not bad I guess for a really high VID. Any suggestions however would be appreciated to get higher oc's. Thanks.
  4. Unfortunate that you got 1.325V VID.
    I got 1.30V, lucky me.
    I'm assuming you left your RAM at 1:1? If you didn't, then you should change that ratio. I was able to reach 3.4ghz @ 378 x 9, 1:1, 1.40v. I got to 3.6ghz @ 400 x 9, 1:1, 1.48125V, temps are in the low 60s under load.
    Maybe that true just doesn't cut it? I'm using the xiggy 1283.
  5. Yep, they are 1:1 at 733Mhz. I'm fine with this oc, temps are mid 60's at load under prime95 at the 1 hour mark. going to do a full night to see if it makes it through. Vcore at windows is 1.408. I left the majority of the other settings on auto, except for the memory timings and dram voltage.
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