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ok, I am helping a friend out with an issue they have confronted me about but I am unable to figure out what seems to be the problem. Here's the set up from what I understand. They changed the WAP key to get on to the internet, all of the computers in the house had no problem connecting with the new passkey. One computer wont connect to the network because it keeps remembering the old passkey, so far I have tried deleting the network from the rememberd connections but it keeps comming back. The computer is trying to connect using a motorola wireless unit which is external, the drivers seem to be ok so Im not sure what else it could be. Wondering if I should just have them use a different utility instead of the default windows one. Hope someone can figure this out, it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. If your friend is using the external adapter to connect to the network, he should use the utility that came with the hardware. It could be that there is a stored profile in this software which remembers the old passkey and defaults to use that one. You should have him delete that profile and then attempt to connect. He should then be prompted for the new password.
  2. yea sorry for not mentioning, we have tried the utility and it was useless that why I was wondering if there was one you would recommend. We have tried deleting but it is still remembering the other passkey. Hope this information helps.
  3. If you are using the Windows Utility to connect, go into your Network Connections window. Right click on the adapter you'll be using to connect and click on Properties. On the Wireless Networks tab, select the network you're trying to connect to, and click on Properties. On the Association tab, select the type of encryption you're using, and enter in the new key.
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