This Point in motherborad gets heated & burnt up.

The Motherboard I am using is INTEL 945 GNT. Its 2 years Old and the point on the motherboard besides the CPU fan and get the power from SMPS, get heated up and burnt up. Now & then. I have to replace the wire that is inderted into it. But the point is detoriating and will not last soon. and i might have to repplace my motherboard ultimately. :(

Please help. I don know whats causing it. This problem has started few months ago.

The following snap shows.. Where the problem is on the motherboard.

The COnfiguration of My Computer is as Follows
CPU - Pentium 3.2GHz HT
Ram - 1 GB Kingston 667 MHz
1. 250 GB SATA 1 Seagate
2. 160 GB SATA 1 Seagate
3. 80 GB PATA Segate

Optical drive- Sony DVD RW

Other Device - DLink Lan Card.

OS Installed - Windows Xp PRo SP2

Note - My cabinet is open from both side and is airy. so theres no chace that its not ventilated.
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  1. seen the same thing in a review lately,think it was a gigabyte mobo,same spot same wire,except it was a p35 chipset,,,, i think ?? that they replaced a cappy on the mobo,,can you rma the beast,it is a mobo problem not your fault...:)
  2. rma the beast

    What does it mean ??
  3. Return Material Authorisation

    Basically speaking "Send the motherboard back under warranty if you can"
  4. ^Agreed. But if you modified the board in any form you would have voided the warranty.
    I have to replace the wire that is inderted into it
  5. I have seen a loose cable do it...but in this case the board must be toast....

    As said see if you can RMA that sucker
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