Is this Antec Sonata III PSU/CASE Combo any good?

Was wondering if this psu/case combo is any good.

Its on sale for $110 free shipping from $150. (only until 2/22)

Or should i buy the same psu for $55 free shipping and buy a different case? If so which case would you reccomend?
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  1. The Sonata III is a solid case, have a couple of IIs. Easy to work with, quiet, good cooling, and the PSU is good
  2. Love this case and the PSU runs two optical , two hard drives ,
    8800gts and e8400 cpu at 3.6 with out a hick-up.
    only draw back is case fan does not have a 3 pin mb controler.
    PS Micro Center has it for $81.00
  3. I liked my Sonata III. I ended up selling it and upgrading to a P182 though. If you are running stock cooling and non-8800 graphics card the case works well. Only real complaints I had were that with the 120mm hdd fan mounted the rh side of the mobo is a bit more cramped and only 1 side panel is removable (so no hiding of wiring behind the mobo). Overall it is a good case if you can snatch it up for around $100 shipped I can't see a thing wrong with that. Antec has had some crazy rebates lately, so keep an eye out. My Sonata was $120 out the door with a $40 rebate. My P182 was $119 with a $50 rebate (of course I had to buy a supply for it).
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