Tricky to explain display/GC problem

First of all the specs:

8800GT 512 SLI
2GB Corsair RAM
Samsung 245T


13500 3DMarks

latest drivers

The problem is that I get some strange Display artefacts with fast motion. eg turning fast in shooters and fast cut scene sequences. It looks like the picture gets cut in 3 separate horizontal that are somehow not in sync. I wondered if I had a problem with the 3D settings like for example the alternate frame rendering mode for SLI.

Anyone else got that problem?

I am also looking for good SLI tweaking tuts...

Help appreciated.
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  1. That's image tearing. Your FPS is faster than the refresh rate of your monitor. You have to enable Vsync on the game to prevent this.
  2. Thanks for the fast response. I also came to this conclusion.
  3. Np. I had the same problem recently when I swapped to a 24" Sammy. I'm pretty sure it used to happen on my 17", but the response time was so slow that I didn't really notice it... as soon as I upgraded though, the effect became really noticeable and Vsync helped remove the issue w/o really impacting fps / visual quality.
  4. I also heard that tripple buffering can help in some cases. And I try that since some games don't offer vsync...
  5. Triple buffering is an updated feature/version of Vsync. The double buffering is what could lower frame rates to 37.5 FPS if the GPU dipped below 60 FPS. I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, that triple buffering makes it so it doesn't have to lock at the 37.5 and can keep a higher, constant frame rate in while maintaining the sync.

    From my understanding, the double buffer of Vsync will lock at different intervals of FPS. 60 being the norm and the highest, but as soon as the GPU outputs less than 60 FPS, it immediately locks down to 37.5 FPS in order to keep the sync because of the way the buffering works.

    There are some nice articles on the net that probably explain it better than I can. >_<
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