4-pin or 8-pin

Asus P5N-T Deluxe mobo -There have 8 pins (near CPU ) but why there have plastic cap cover 4 pins. Also I have PSU OCZ GameXStream 600W can either use 4 (split half ) or 8 pins ( spilt half ).

Do you think I should go remove plastic cap and put 8 pin in or leave cap on with 4 pin only ?
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  1. Remove the plastic cap. Put the 8 pin connector.
    It would work with the 4 pin also, but since you have the 8 pin use the 8 pin.
  2. Thank for advice.

    I wonder why plastic cap on it. Sound like shown not recommend 8 pins.
  3. Some older power supplies don't have the 8 pin connector, so they are forced to use a 4 pin connector and they don't know how to insert it correctly.
    You have a good power supply with all the right connectors.
  4. 8 pin connection is only required for a few (older) P4 procs. Listed it a while back when some one else had this question. Cover is to prevent using the wrong 4 Pins when using the 4 Pin connector. Have 965-DQ6 board and E6400 Proc. 4P, or 8 Pin makes no difference. Had 4 Pin installed, changed PSU - used 8 Pin - too lazy to remove 8 pin and put 4 pin connector back in. I would recommend using 4 Pin, unless you need the 8 Pin (Recommended in my manual - and leave cover inplace.
  5. Mmm, I think you are right. Make sense to me. I thought 4pin is old. 8pin is new mobo.

    Last night, I did been put 8 pin in. and start up my build my own computer frist time perfectly. It had no problem to me. I agree I think 4pin or 8pin makes no difference.

    Many thainks for help.
  6. The 8 pin is for any CPUs at 130W or more. Many Intel quads OCed will be at or above 130W, and some AMDs will be there stock. So it is a good idea to determine your CPU load at whatever OC you will be running, if any, and use the 8 pin if you need it. Additionally it won't harm anything to use the 8 pin, the CPU will only draw what it needs, obviously.
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