Newegg Open Box vs. Ebay

In my never ending quest to get a dual core for my Socket 939 computer, I've basically come down to choosing between Ebay and open box on Newegg.

Open box seems to have significantly lower prices than Ebay, and it seems that the processors will be in no worse condition than one would receive from Ebay. Additionally, I like the idea of buying from Newegg over Ebay, and the DOA protection is the same, if not better. So, would it be a bad idea to purchase an Open box processor on Newegg, or would I be doing myself a gigantic favor by choosing this route over Ebay?
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  1. I wouldn't buy an open box cpu, unless it's discontinued or hard to find. You don't save that much over new; sometimes only $5. I would check on other pricewatch venders for cpus such as starmicro.
  2. I would have to agree.
    You should see if the cpu is offered new from newegg.
    If it is not, given your choices, I would defiantly chose newegg.
    At least you will have some assurances about what you receive and have a return policy if it does not work.
  3. Dual cores for 939 are pretty hard to find now, unless you get a slow one. If you find a decent one, they're usually stupidly overpriced.

    I'd buy an open box cpu over ebay.
  4. Okay, thanks.
  5. NewEgg Hands Down.
  6. At least with Newegg you will be able to return it, if you do it in time.

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