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This may be a little strange compared to the normal questions but here it goes. I want to add an external hard drive to my car stereo. The owners manual gives the specs but I cant seem to find exactly what I need. This is from the manual. what hard drives can I use?

USB audio player/USB memory
! USB version: 2.0, 1.1 and 1.0
! USB data transfer rate: full speed
! USB Class: MSC (Mass Storage Class) device
! Protocol: bulk
! Minimum amount of memory: 250 MB
! Maximum amount of memory: 250 GB
! File system: FAT32 and FAT16
! Supply current: 500 mA
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  1. id probably go for either a high capacity pen drive or a 2.5" portable hdd, the specs look pretty standard so i doubt you would need anything special.

    the only thing im wondering about is whether the 500ma would power the portable, could always buy it from a shop and take it back if it didnt work.

    what you dont know beforehand is how well it will handle folders.

    any reviews on the net with someone using your stereo and a usb drive already?
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