will this processor work with my motherboard

I was given an old desktop a couple of weeks ago and have decided to upgrade it. bunged 512mb of ram and a new graphics card in it ( from Ati rage 3d PRO to Ati Radeon 8500DV). this is the first time i have ever opened up a PC to upgrade and im getting more and more confident.

anyway, the pc's running on a intel celeron 533Mhz cpu, dire, and unfortunately i dont know how far i can go with the motherboard, Intel SE440BX-2 (seattle). Im close to buying a Intel Pentium 3 850Mhz cpu (not much better, but a good learning process) with 256kb of cache and 100Mhz front side bus. Its a slot 1 jobbie but will it fit and work on the mobo.

if it is compatible is it a case of just taking the old one out and putting the new one in. does this effect the O/S in anyway and
do i need to revise the BIOS (p14 at the moment, i think).

would be grateful for a response and in layman terms, but detailed if you like if you think will help.
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  1. I think you'd be better off starting from scratch.
  2. I agree with Iain, but here's info on what CPUs the board will support with which BIOS: http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/se440bx2/sb/cs-013634.htm
  3. It's great experience to get under the hood of a PC.

    But if you want to game you'll be stuck with games that are at least 8 years old, I think.

    My first desktop I bought in 98 had a Celeron 433. It was an HP and the CPU was not upgradable.

    Where do you buy a P3 nowadays?
  4. I didn't mean to be sarcastic in my earlier reply. Just an honest assessment.

    If you want a P3 850MHz try;
    $21. Do you have any thermal compound? I don't know if such an old cpu would come with it.

    $130 would get you a Core2Duo 2160 and cheap mobo if you wanted a build from scratch.
  5. Quote:
    Where do you buy a P3 nowadays?

    theres plenty on ebay

    if its a slot 1 mobo, u can get a socket 370 cpu, and get a slot converter board., as for the cpu, as fau u can go is limited by the mobo, bus speed and multipliers. most boards have 133fsb, and 8-10 multiplier, usually jumpers or switches on board

    whats the make of the mobo? u can find manuals on the manufactures website and find out max bus speed and multipliers
  6. thanks for the replies, and no offence taken on the start from scratch comment, i do have four computers and the best one is a 2.0Ghz AMD64 turion with 1gb ram and 80gb hard drive space, so its not really about need for gaming, its that i dont really care about messing the lowest spec one up, as long as i learn something from it. however i would like to do it right first time. Once again thank you all for your replies and would be grateful for anymore comments.

    The P3 CPU im looking at is on ebay and looks like the one in my cpu slot already,except its faster. In the manual for mobo it says it can handle 66mhz or 100mhz FSB.
  7. Hi I beleive your mptherboard use rentium 4 processor I stronly beleive that
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