My Q6600 runs is at ~35 degrees with 0% load. is this normal?

Core 1 and 2 stay at around 35 degrees with 0% load, and core 3 and 4 stay at around 30 degrees, this is all only at 2.4 GHz. Is this normal or is it a little too high, I'm using the tuniq tower 120 btw. Also would It be safe to overclock to say ~3.2 GHz at this temp.

Also can anyone tell me whats the maximum temp I can have on my CPU with no load and under load before its dangerously high?

Thanks a bunch
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  1. You need to be way more specific so we can answer your question.

    List your computer parts, ambient temperature(in the computer room), and what your using to monitor temperatures with.
  2. Why did you post this in computer Components, and overclocking?
  3. My computer is in my basement, and it feels like winter in here sometimes, and its summer where I live.
    The programs I use to see my temps is Coretemp.
    My comp spec are an 8800gt oc'd to 700 core, 4 gb of ddr2 800 ram, and this is my motherboard
    As said before I use the Tuniq Tower 120 as my cooler with arctic silver 5 thermal paste
    Oh yea and my Q6600 is G0 stepping.

    Sorry for not listing all my comps specs

  4. he didnt ask you what season it felt like, an actual ambient temperature would be a little better for information

    give us a real temperature, winter in ny hovers from below 0 to even around 60F sometimes
  5. i dont know...68-70 F
  6. Is it at 2.4 or is speed step dropping it to 1.6?

    That is normal with a good cooler, case air flow and low ambient temps.

    Room temps have a large impact on your computers temps.

    Cold day

    warmer days are low to mid 30's
  7. Nuke what cooling do you have on your gpu?
  8. stock at 35%

    A bit loud for everyday, but fine when its folding.

    Auto control keeps it around 82 load. Not any hotter then my 8800GTX.
  9. Q6600 on asus p5n-d

    Ram Synch mode @776 (kingston hyperX 800Mhz)
    VCore: 1.42 (measured, 1.475 in BIOS, shi77y Nvidia vdroop)
    NB. 1.3V
    RAM 1.97V

    CPU 3.42GHz (43degC Idle, 68-70degC Full Load) Super stable.

    No problemo.

    These CPU's have a better thermal tolerance than previous generations. by MUCH.
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