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i have just had a windows xp computor for my daughters room ,i have a pc and 2 laptops all running off a router ,{all windows vista }i cant seem to connect the xp to it as well tried allsorts ,i cant remember a passphase either if i had to connect using that ,, can anyone help me please ,
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  1. How are you connecting it, wired or wireless? If it's asking for a passphrase you can't remember, you need to go into the router config page and change it there. You'll have to reconnect the other computers after that.
  2. trying to connect it wireless ,now ive swopped over the towers ,hoping windows vista would pick up upstairs NOT it keeps saying adapter unplugged ,been on this 6 hours ... ty for reply
  3. So is the issue that the computer does not see the adapter or that you don't know the password? Start at the beginning, list all the steps you took, error messages that come up, etc... Does the PC see the wireless adapter and showing you a list of networks to connect? What happens when you try to connect to yours?
  4. ok,, i have a main pc downstairs {windows vista which is the main pc ,we have 2 laptops all of which are connected to the router , i had a windows xp 2002 pc given to me ,which i thought great for daughters room ,so we set it up ,i thought it would pick up the router signal,i found a list of networks ,all of which mean nothing to me none of them was ours ,after 6 hours i tried reboot the system as its slow ,couldnt reboot so we swopped towers and have the windows xp downstairs connected to the ethernet cable, it connected but slowwww ,, now upstairs when trying to connect the vista pc it acknowledges the netgear ,router and the name of the pc ,but then it says oops it looks like a network cable /adapter has been unplugged ,, i tried a dongle it it before and it connected on the xp but internet wouldnt come on still {signal strength very poor }im at a loss no idea i feel quite stupid really ,, thank u for replying
  5. If you open the network connection list on the PC, does it show yours? Is it attached to the wifi network? Does a laptop in the same room work OK?

    It tells you a cable is unplugged because you don't have an ethernet cable attached, but that's fine if you are connecting with wireless. It's just a notification that the network card pops up.
  6. yes laptop works up there fine ,no it doesnt show our network .
  7. Could be an issue with the wireless adapter if it shows other networks but not your own. I've seen some that do that. Does this adapter work anywhere else? Was it the same one that was working in the other area?

    Is it an older one? May need to see if there are new drivers or firmware for it. If you don't see your wifi network in the list after that, you can try to change the security on the router to something like basic WEP or WAP (not 2), or even no security just to test things.
  8. now i can see our network but its asking for a password ,which i cant remember sighhhsss
  9. would it make sense if i said im trying to find the signal from our router from the pc upstairs ??
  10. any help please
  11. You must be wired directly to the router for this
    Go to Start-Run-Type in CMD <Enter>
    Type IPCONFIG <Enter>
    Look at the third set of numbers (Default Gateway)
    It should look something like
    Open up your Internet Browser
    Type in the Gateway address in the Address Line <Enter>
    This should take you to the Main Page of your router
  12. after doing this ,could i then un wire the router from the pc to enable my daughter to use it in her room thanks for reply .
  13. As long as you get your key everything should work fine
  14. thank you ill give this a bash then tomorrow and will let you know how i get on thank you for reply .
  15. tracey1 said:
    thank you ill give this a bash then tomorrow and will let you know how i get on thank you for reply .

    So did u get it done by now?

    Is it working?
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