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Is my system too hot? Sorry if this is a basic question. I tried the forum and manufacturer docs and dont konw if I should be concerned.

I have recently taken delivery of an Asus P5k with Intel Q6600 quad core, housed in a CoolerMaster Elite 331. Everything is standard, apart from having added a fan at the front of the case.

I have been running prime 95 for a few hours and my CPU is at 42c and my mb at 46c, is this normal, or should I approach the system builder?

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  1. thats normal, its right in spec - thats normal for bellow 3ghz, its very low for 3.3ghz+

    typically you see at 10-15c spike if its 46c underload it was 36c at idle?

    mobo can run up to 55c depending on cooling - add a memory cooler or door fan

    cpu temps run upto 67c with 100% output in 24 hours with a thermal right ultra-120

    also - did you buy the computer to run prime 95 for next 3years? if not remember its much lower under normal usage!
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