Silent, Cool, Mid Tower?

I was just wondering what everyone would say is the best case for being quiet and being able to keep components cool, i will have a arctic freezer on my cpu and a 8800gts under the case if that really matters. Fashion points are a plus! Thanks for the help in advance
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  1. Antec P182.
  2. Yep, nice case, but look at the Antec 900 too for a great Air cooled case also. The 182 has more room for water cooling, staying air? Then the 900 has great reviews and I used one for a long time with great results.
  3. Agree with Conumdrum on the Antec 900 as well. Either will provide great cooling. The P182 will be a little quieter, though. That's why I suggested that as opposed to the 900.
  4. Something lighter and sexy would be the Lian Li A10
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