Anyone bored? Help a noob OC E8400 w/ Rampage Formula board

Cooler Master 690 Case
Vista Prem 64 Bit
E8400 @3.1 =P
Asus Rampage Formula
Power Cooler Ati 4870
4GB Crucial DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400
Western Digital Caviar SE16 640GB
Corsair 750TX Power Suppy
22" Samsung T220
Random Sony Drive
(No CPU cooler yet) Taking recommendations

I have over-clocked once before but I don't remember much from it. If anyone has the time to help me out a bit that would be great. =) I'm not a huge noob, so don't be scared...
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  1. Hi bmwm3oz,

    Let's start with the CPU cooler. A very popular one is the Thermalright Ultra 120 and it's extreme edition. This one is capable of cooling practically OC CPU. Other well-known branches are Scythe and Tuniq, but I would recommend the Thermalright. It's a very compatible cooler. Because it's quite high it will not get in the way of many mobo's heatsinks around the CPU. I have it myself and i am very happy about it. I have the same chassis as you so it will fit in your case.
    One well known problem about it is the base that might not be perfectly flat, but that does not keep it from being the best air cooler in the world. Besides many other branches have that 'base-problem' too.
    Btw, how far are you planning of OC'ing your dual core?

  2. This is my Ultra 120 Extreme on my Rampage formula (I have the E8400 as well) and that is the cooler I would suggest. Watch your NB voltages because when I overclocked my Rampage seriously overvolted my NB on auto so I had to manually set it to keep it where I wanted it.
  3. Sweet I got some responses. Ok I will get that Thermal Light Ultra I actually saw it at the store today. Well I hope to OC it to 4.0Ghz and I will be super happy but the minimum I want to get it to is 3.8Ghz.

    Thanks Ausch, i will keep an eye out on that. That thing looks huge by the way =P
  4. Okay I will order that as soon as possible. What are my first steps after setting that up?
  5. First steps for what? overclocking?
  6. Hey! I have recently over-clocked my E8400 to 4.2Ghz on air. Pretty simple, you go into your Bios under jumper free configuration, from there you select the manual O.C. settings(instead of A.I. NOS), set the FSB to 466mhz and the CPU V core to 1.4250v. I succeeded with the Thermaltake Max Orb, pretty simple cooler but works great after all... and I have a p5k deluxe motherboard, nothing high end but I get the results I want, you should try it out!
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