Let me see if I have this correct

I just found out about TV cards and will be adding one to my new build. We have the HD package from Cox so I need to get all the channels on 700-712. I plan to set it up like this: wall > cable box > tv card. Will be using the cable box remote to change channels.

Basic specs:
8800GTS (G92)
Vista Home Premium 64-bit
22” LCD

So my 4 questions are:
1. Is this a good tv tuner card? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815100015
2. Do I need a sound card, or will onboard sound work?
3. How will the HD picture and normal digital picture look compared to a regular tv?
4. Is there anything I should know and don't?

You guys (and girls?) really need a sticky!
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  1. I don't think you know quite what you are looking for. what you need is a capture card, not a tuner. now, that tuner will work as it has a video input, but it is also tuner, for "tuning" over the air hd, analog cable (which isn't what you need) and unencripted (qam) digital cable (which I doubt your channels are). you will set it up as you describe, but keep in mind that you will be sending the signal to the card with an svideo cable, which is not hd. it will be standard def, 480i. what channels are those? that would tell us whether they are qam or not. if they are that would change things. if you really need hd input you will need to look elsewhere.
  2. oh, and onboard sound is fine if all you want is stereo. if you need surround you will need a more expensive sound card with 5.1 input as well as output.
  3. Actually Nvalhalla, he has 8 channel output, including SPIDF so he won't need anything else for up to 7.1 audio.
  4. Thank you IndigoMoss, that's great for his output, but what about INPUT? He's using his cable box to send audio to his computer. What kind of audio input does his motherboard have? Analog stereo.
  5. nvalhalla said:
    I don't think you know quite what you are looking for.
    Isn't that the truth! Thank's for clearing up (some of) my misconceptions.

    Ok, I don't need the tv tuner card because I have the cable box. The tuner card would pull over the air tv signals, which is not what I want to do.

    The channels I was refering to (700-712) are the HD channels that Cox offers. Local channels like CBS, FOX, ABC, ect and also premium stuff like Discovery HD Theater, Mojo, HBO, ect.

    So....what do I need to watch HD TV on my PC? All I want to do is use my monitor as my TV. I though I had this all thought out, but I guess not. If somebody could kindly explain it to me, or link me to a thread or website I would be greatful.

    Stereo sound is fine for now. I only have 2 speakers + a subwoofer. I do plan to add a sound card later.
  6. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815260010

    If you don't need to record TV, only watch it on your monitor, this is one way to do it. I'm not vouching for it, I have never used it, but it's a starting point. You need something with YPbPr (component) input, or possibly digital (dvi/hdmi) if your cable box has those outputs. That's what you need to be looking for.
  7. Thanks nvalhalla, I really appreciate it.

    I talked to a Cox rep who confirmed that I would be able to receive all channels, including HD channels, by using a cable box and a capture card.
  8. I may be missing something here but if all you want to do is watch TV on your monitor you should be able to use the component outputs from your cable box to run a component cable directly to the monitor. Assuming it has comp. inputs. If not then maybe an HDMI to DVI converter? You'll still have sound to deal with somehow.
  9. Well that's why I was gonna go with a capture card, becasue I can use my onboard sound (or a sound card when I get one). Plus it lets me record, playback, pause, and schedule recordings. Although, I can do all that on the cable box anyway.

    Geeze this is way more complicated than I thought it would be. Is it really that hard to just get HDTV on my PC!?
  10. Ya if you dont want to record just use a splitter on your monitor and hook you cable box and your computer to it. I would go the capture card route if i were you so you can record shows on the computer and use media center.
  11. i personally think it may be easier to get a digital tuner card. but god knows what's going to work and what's not going to work with shista. especially 64 bit. If all else fails you could try mythtv, but i'm not sure if that supports windows. I wish i could help you. but i'm not versed on the subject as well as i should be.
    i run a hauppauge pvr-150. It's not digital. If you really want to use your cable box to change the channels and it has an analog output, you may not need a digital card. but i would get one just in case you want it anyway. a tuner card can just be set onto channel 3 or 4 or whatever your cable box outputs, then if you don't have a cable box, you may still be able to use just the card to get your tv. ALTHOUGH, i would definitely call your cable company and try to get a hold of someone that knows what they're talking about... to find out if you can directly connect a digital card, because they can have weird proprietary crap built into it to prevent people from "stealing" cable. It's all kinds of messed up mostly because of drmish type crap... you have a long road ahead of you... but i can vouch for hauppage and say they do make a good sturdy card, i can get sound and channels i'm not supposed to get and don't get on other regular tv's. :-p
  12. i want the same thing, a capture card to run from an hd cable box. i dont want to run a signal right into my monitor since then i can either use my pc on the monitor or watch tv. i want to be able to utilize the 24" of my monitor to do pc stuff while being able to tuck the tv window in the corner just as i do with my old leadtek now.

    any advice?
  13. The same advice I've already given. A digital tuner card is worthless, don't listen to the previous poster, he's confused. You need a capture card that has component inputs to handle HD. It's the ONLY way.
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