Hello! i would like to OC my Q6600. I have 0 exp, can you help

hi guys, my first post and im asking for help :(

i just built my first PC and would like to OC my Q6600, i have done some reading and know that you guys need some info so here goes

My specs:
Asus P5Q Deluxe P45
Q6600 2.4Ghz
OCZ Vendetta 2 Cpu Cooler 120mm fan
Corsair Ram 2X1gb 800Mhz 5-5-5-18
Corsair 550Watt PSU
ATI HD 4850

My Q6600 has VID# 1.325 :pfff:

It idles at 31-28-24-26
100%load 46-46-42-42

I also have 2 exhaust fans and 2 intake fans in a Antec 300 case.

I have good computing skills i know my basics of getting in the bios and so on, but have little idea on what to do first and what values to change.

i also read in the manual for the Mobo that there is a swtich on the mobo to up the nb voltage - whatever that means.

also i would like my q6600 at about 3.4ghz but would that shorten the life span, if so would anyone know how much?

thanks for your help and reading this long post.
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  1. thanks for your reply, i have read over the guide, but would just like a bit of spoon feeding lol, thanks
  2. For some motherboard specifics, try this site:


    I used this site to get started with my P5Q Deluxe, there is a huge amount of information to sift through. If you look for my post (techgeek there too), you should find a starting point. If you go to page 57 of that thread you'll find my post and the following advice.
  3. thanks man, its good having similiar hardware to go buy, im mostly confused about the ram ratios and stuff all the latencys and that.
  4. man are you really 15, im 16 and am finding this quite challenging to get through, i have to say well done man
  5. ^ im 16 btw. Started OCing and custom builds @ 13.
  6. u sik bre lol i just built my first pc on friday. ive managed to OC my gpu which is really easy.

    just cant get my head around all the variables to oc the cpu
  7. could i use the software that asus supply to OC? i think it has some auto settings. are they any good?
  8. A 15 or 16 year old does not have the time nessicary to really understand what the hell they are doing with a computer. They simply do not have the free hours to properly research and comprehend how to do it the right way.

    I'd be willing to help you out but you really haven't given me anything except my core temperatures are x,x,x,x.

    You want to get the tweak guides tweaking companion for starters. Maybe you will have some time before school starts out to read some or do some after school......

  9. im on holidays lol until september 3rd so i have plenty of time.

    tell me everything you need, i have already got the main prgrammes such as cpu -z core temp, orthos etc

    i am really good with software this is the first time experimenting with hardware so i little confidence in what im doing.
  10. For 3.4 you could use Asus software if you need spoonfeeding (AKA LAZY)

    The software will set voltages higher then they need to be though.
  11. will it display the voltage, then i could try lower it untill instability then raise it a notch or two to get it stable and efficient?
  12. There are hundreds of over clocking guides. I can't write a guide. I already told you to get tweak guide and optimize the system once that's done over clocking is near the bottom.
  13. lol im 13 and built and oc'd my piece of crap....tryin to coax dad into gettin the parts for my future sli rig:P
  14. Just do this. I have a P5N-D and Q6600 (G0 stepping). Almost Identical to you.

    Nice low VID as well. Your in luck.

    Go to your bios, jumper free, overclock to manual.

    In voltages set

    NB 1.30V
    SB 1.30V
    RAM (whatever is stock for your ram, we'll start without oc'ing that first)
    Vcore 1.45 (you will get significant droop/drop don't worry)

    In FSB and RAM select

    RAM mode Synch mode
    FSB 1520

    Save and exit, stress test while monitoring temps closely for a good few minutes.

    IF your temp reaches 75 you are pushing it so you should shut down and drop the volts down a bit.

    If you are unstable but the temps are ok crank the voltage up a notch or two.

    Play a little. You can probably tighten the RAM timings a bit to 4-4-4-12 if its decent stuff. I have kingston hyperX 800 @ 1.95V though thats within its stock spec.
  15. ok, that pic is a bit wrong because of speedstep, the real VID is so **** lol, 1.325V yes the ******** one lol.

    so the voltages i guess will need to be higher than your system i would of thought so.

    also if anything goes wrong like no boot, what will i do ?
  16. also i heard that there is really small amount of Vdro and Vdroop on this board, members have said that they didnt have to mod anything to get rid of it, so i think 1.40V might be too much.

    also the ram is a 1.8V according to CPU Z
  17. Well, my friend,

    I have my Vcore at 1.475 in my bios and reading 1.43 in CPU-Z. It is not too much unless your chip overheats. All CPU's are made equal, just some are more equal then others.

    By this I mean you can't know what is too much without trying. Also if its WAY too much make damn sure that you have the CPU thermal protrection enabled at 85degC in your bios. This way it will just shutdown.

    Now, look at the packaging on your RAM, NOT the bios settings, My ram booted on 1.8V but is sold as 1.95V for the given speed and timings. I had to "force these in the BIOS. CPU-Z reported the ram as inferior stuff, but in actuality its probably just speed binned and repackaged from their standard stuff, without changing the programmed bits that report to CPU-Z and BIOS

    If it fails to boot 2 or 3 times usually your BIOS will automatically switch to the redundant one and boot at stock values. you then need to setup your OC again. This happened when I tried to take mine to 3.6GHz (booted into windows then blue screened., then refussed to boot twice, BIOS reset automatically and booted at stock.)

    Anyway, you don't have to OC. if you want to I am willing to bet these settings in my previous post will get you started.
  18. If your BIOS doesn't auto reset you have to go into the MOBO and remove the battery and short the CMOS reset pins.
  19. ok i did it lol
    Vcore 1.38750v
    NB and SB 1.30v

    why does windows only show 2cores oc'd? is that right?

    ive disabled C1E too
  20. also is it ok having odd fsb like 356mhz?

    and is it ok to turn multi to 8 and have the fsb above the individual ram clock when all ram settings are set to auto?
  21. ^That's fine to have odd FSB.

    Imo, don't put RAM on Auto. Put it to SPD 2 or 1:1 timing.
  22. heres the ram info in cpu z, tell me what i need to do and ill figure it out in the bios. i think the default ram voltage is 1.80 but im not sure, its set to auto atm and cpu z reports that too.

    tell me where to go next, i have 1.3840 vcore on 360X9 for a 3.24Ghz final clock.

    thanks for eveything so far. also by oc the processor this amount how long should it last, i wont go further due to the temps nearly exceeding 60 degrees.
  23. it says ddr3 but its ddr2 lol

  24. also i have C1E back enabled to let the cpu relax when it isnt under pressure, good idea or bad idea?
  25. as long as its stable over everyday use its fine to enable those setting.
  26. also one other thing the NB in the bios displayes yellow at 1.30, is it safe to lower it a little bit? if i lower it 0.02 at a time once it becomes too low what will happen?

    then ill know what to do from there lol
  27. again as long as it pass 24hours prime then its fine. if its not stable you will get crash freeze BSOD.
  28. klkl ill try lower it a tad that goes same for sb too? and should that lower my temps too? because that would be real nice lol
  29. okey dokey played some more and have this, now at 3.31Ghz @ 1.4080 vcore.

    i am using a tjunction of 95 so temps could be 5 degrees higher so i am not going to go any further. anyone got tips to keep this clock speed but lower the temps?

    i have ram at 1:1 (omg its so much faster!) @ 824Mhz at the stock timings. also its at 1.86V which i might reduce until instability.

    finally are the temps safe? only orthos is really going to hit these right?

    woo so happy thanks!
  30. just cranked up the cpu fan (man its silent!) and now at 58 58 53 52
  31. its best to have Prime 95 25.6 to stress a quad core CPU using Small FFTs.

    you will need to do it for 24hours before you can really claim its 100% stable.
  32. i dont think your CPU is at 100% by the looks of the temperature. if all cores on 100% they will not have a bigger difference then 3C.and yours is at 6C at the smallest.

    use the program i said above its much better.
  33. i am using 2 orthos one on core 0 and 1 then the second on core 2 and 3 running small fft's test. i thought that was kinda the same as prime, it runs small fft test too but just in one go.

    but ill have a go. yeh even idle the temps have quite a difference i have no idea why, maybe i didnt put the HSF on as well as i could, (it was my first baby lol)
  34. maybe im wrong but i have to say those temp look weird to me. give prime 25.6 a try though i found them more stressful to the system.
  35. ok i have done for 20 mins temps aint budged:

  36. it never goes to 59 on cores 0 and 1 only 58 then skips to 60 weird, did it every time!
  37. lol temps are now flicking between 57 and 58 with prime 95 on cores 0 and 1 with core 2 and 3 at 53 52
  38. I am glad to hear everything went well. It's well nice to get that free extra performance huh?

    I went OC mad after getting my desktop working @3.4.

    BTW, if you want a really cheap way to cool an extra few degs C, buy extra case fans. bigger the better, shift more air for less RPM, quieter and more effective. Your case is the biggest factor on ease of mounting/total available fans etc.

    I now have 4 (3x120mm 1x 140mm) and I just installed a new cooler on my 8800GT.
  39. i have 1 140mm exhaust 1 top 120mm exhaust back and 2 120mm intake side and front. but i think its because my tower is in an enclosed area so it cant get fresh air.

    also the antec smartcool fans wont speed up beyond 1000 - 1100 rpm because they blow cold air over their exhaust side and cant find a way to increase thier speed manually yet.
  40. + the cpu cooler a ocz 120mm fan blowing into the top exhaust
  41. >.> shouldnt it be blowing out the back? what model is it..
  42. its the ocz vendetta 2, i have it blowing up because heat rises so it should be better in theory. also the exhaust in the Antec 300 case is larger up top rather than the 120mm at the back.

    but anyways ive got 3.31Ghz 8 multi at 412Mhz stable at 1.4v vcore now.

    cpu z shows timings are lower for 1 stick of ram but higher on the other, should i tighten the timings aand make it equal for both, atm its on auto.
  43. i seem to be Prime95 stable when running small fft test but blend seems to fail after a few minutes on core 3.

    i have NB at 1.30v and SB at 1.20v. ram is at 1:1 824Mhz at 1.86v. default it 1.8v i think. whats happening?
  44. err the heat pipes should be going horizontally across the quad shouldnt they?
  45. lol i dunno, temps seem good so im not too worried.

    im kind of stumped, i increased ram voltage to 1.9v increases vcore a notch and decreased the fsb to 410 from 412, but i still fail blend on core 3 after 3 minutes.

    fatal error rounding was 0.5 expected less then 0.4.

    orthos seems stable at small fft test as well as prime but keeps blend failing
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