fx6200 vs HD2400pro vs others ? (must be AGP+lowProfile)

Hi everybody ^^

I have got a Small form factor desktop computer and need the best AGP low profile card.

What is the best between the "Geforce fx6200" and the "ATI HD 2400 pro" ?

Here is my config :
Small Form Factor tower - 12.54"x 13.93" x 3.57" (31.9cm x 35.4cm x 9.0cm)
Power Supply for Small Form Factor : 160W (...I will upgrade it with a Antec trueblue 480W PSU)
Monitor : LACIE Electron Blue III (22 inch.) (...t-rex) (It can do more, but I prefer using 1280x1024 resolution 85Hz)
Computer : Dell optiplex GX270
Pentium4 --2.8GHz
1GO DDR 333
AGP x8 slot
(remember, gx270-series motherboards have potentially bad capacitor, especially near the AGP slot)
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  1. The HD2400. The FX series cards suck.
  2. Another comment ?
  3. 2400pro
  4. There's no such thing as an fx6200? I'm assuming you either mean a 6200 or an fx5200.

    In either circumstance the 2400pro is MUCH better. Although still not adequete for gaming.
  5. the radeon 2400 pro, no question. if your only requirements are agp and small form factor, this is your card.
  6. Yes ok !

    Do you know if the --XT-- version does exist for AGP low profile ?
  7. If you can tell the contrary, please tell me ASAP :(

    because I have found :

    HD2400pro low profile does not exist in AGP
    HD2400pro AGP card does not exist in Low profile
  8. man, don't buy a fx series card... you prolly won't even be able to play video, and i think they have serious prolbems with driver/compatibility... course you need an hdcp complaint monitor too... but i think the low profile 2400's are on pci-e only. My suggestion to you, depending on your current build is to do an inexpensive amd am2 build up and keep your current case/psu, etc. If it's for an htpc you can get away with one for dirt cheap, and may not have to buy a hd 2400 if you get an ati onboard, i think some of those may have support for hd... don't quote me i'm not sure... but it could save you some headache down the road... :-p
  9. My motherboard is from a dell optiplex gx270, it only accepts that kind of shape :

  10. Well that means you are using a Socket 478 motherboard. The problem with Dell cases is that they usually have a propriatary power switch and other components. It's a real pain to replace a motherboard in a Dell, especially if it's a small form factor one.

    From the looks of it the best card out there that's both low-profile and is AGP is the 6200, which isn't a very good card. It will output to an HDTV with Component cables though, so it'll be accepatble for 720p HD output to a HDTV, but you won't really get beyond that.

  11. True :(

    Do you know if Low profile 6200 agp can have the nv43 ? (for overclocking)
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