Have to install driver every reboot

Hi all,

Every time I reboot I have to reinstall the gfx card device driver. I have to install manually using the "update drivers" right-click in the device manager. When I do that the driver loads and the screen immediately changes to the highest resolution. When I reboot, the resolution is back to 1280x1024 and the system no longer knows that a 9500 GT card is installed
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  1. Start in Safe Mode with networking. Remove the adapter from Device Manager, don't reboot if it asks you to. Uninstall any nVidia software in "Add/Remove Programs". Do not reboot yet. Go to C:\Program Files\, find and delte any nVidia folders in there.

    Go online, download the latest "WHQL Certified" drivers for the 9500 from www.nvidia.com, make sure they are for XP. Don't install them yet.

    Reboot after you download the files, and if you see prompts for new hardware, cancel out of them. Then run the nVidia driver setup you downloaded. Reboot when it asks you, see what happens.
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