I have K9N Neo & Black ed. but no multiplier in bios?

I have a (7260) MSI K9N Neo mobo with updated bios to 1.9. And a 5000+ Black edition. But I get no multiplier setting in the bios?
So I cant overclock.... :pfff:

Do I have to get another board? ( It sure wont be a MSI then! )

/Thankful for all help :)
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  1. Did you check your manual? You can download it from the MSI site:
  2. I will look thru all settings again... maybe i'm doing something wrong.
  3. Nope..no way to set multiplier..
  4. Nope..no way to set multiplier.. BUT at some other forum someone tried to flash the K9N Neo (7260 ver.1.0, NVIDIA ® nForce 550 Chipset) that I have with the bios from K9N Platinium (7250 nForce 570 Ultra Chipset)
    Apperently this worked and gave the multiplier settings.

    BUt why dont MSI enable this setting for the K9N NEO ?
    5000+ Black edition is supported on the 7260 (Neo) according to MSI and thats why I bought the CPU but you can change the multiplier! Can it be any technincal reason (between nForce 550 and 570) for this or is it just some marketing ****?
  5. Marketing ****... It's considered a Value Board...

    I overclocked using the Multiplier, but Cool'n'Quiet would bring it back to stock. So I overclock using the FSB method, and Cool'n'Quiet Works nice. :)
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