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Got new build running.3dMarks low? Please Advise

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February 2, 2008 3:35:31 AM

Im back and on my new upgraded system. GA-P35-DS4, E8400, crucial ballistix1066, evga8800gts(G92), xp home, Xfi fatal1ty pro, Zalman cnps7000B-Cu Led, etc.I set bios settings to match what the cpu,and mem should be running at.CPU@333x9 MEMORY at 1066 (5-5-5-15).cpuz reads cpu at 3ghz and mem at 533Dual ch.HOWEVER.My 3dmark 03 and 05 seem low.Vid card settings are all set to high performance. 03 3dmarks-41769. 05 3dmarks-19507. these seem low compared to matching systems on orb. Oh and 05 gave me 12561 cpu marks.What do you all think could be the problem??Unless those other systems were sli. Thank you for any input.

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February 2, 2008 4:51:10 AM

An 06 score of 12k sounds about in the ballpark for that system.
February 2, 2008 11:27:45 AM

Its not how well you're system runs on benchmarks but how it runs on the games itself. If you enjoy playing the games on you're system now then thats worth more than benchmark scores.

But if you ask me those scores seems alright to me.
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February 2, 2008 12:32:32 PM

That's a pretty kick butt system IMHO, I wouldn't worry about the scores too much. One thing you could do is DL fraps and see how your system compares to other similar systems out there. 3DMark is a great benchmark, but it doesn't tell you everything, and it's not the same when it comes to real world testing.
February 2, 2008 4:05:39 PM

You're score seems to be OK. I'm getting 13160 3dmark06 with my system. E6600 @ 3,5 Ghz and 8800 Gt @ 729 / 1740 / 1974.

So overclock **** out of that beast of yours (E8400). Running it at 333 x 9 is something that you should not do (it should be against the law). You have a proper cooling and your memory is more than capable running with your CPU FSB and your
motherboard is up to the task. So if you have not done anyoverclocking by now. It is about time to do so. In theory (from the point of view of your motherboard and memory) you could be running your processor @ 515 x 9 = 4635 Mhz. (4 Ghz seems to be the result people getting from that processor) And the GTS has a double slot cooling which should be enough to cool that thing when you're overclocking it.

So read an article or a few here at tom's forums (or any other place) about overclocking and you're set. Something to stress your CPU to the max when finding the max overclock (i'm using Prime95, there are other options, perhaps better). And ATItools for stressing your GPU (yes ATItools work for Nvidia GPUs too, and there might be other and better options) when you're finding your max overclock. There's always some headroom in the GPU, not so much as in that CPU of yours. So please, overclock the CPU atleast and unleash the beast.

(sidenote: Someone else picked the parts of your system ? It is odd that you have that kind of a parts chosen which are made for overclocking. And yet you have not done any. Anyways good luck overclocking that system of yours)
February 2, 2008 5:56:47 PM

Actually,I picked the parts after about a month of of reading several different forums and trying to decide between intel or amd.I just got the rig running friday morning and I have not had time to start tweaking...Yet. I downloaded ntune and it has a-lot of really cool settings for the gpu.Like direct fan control and gpu-mem clock settings.Ive got that up to 700/800 @ 45c(no load) w/fan at 80%.As for the cpu,core temp is reporting core#0 41c core#1 45c.(no load).So I dont know if it could handle 515x9. Maybe 366x9 to start..If my m/b will go over 333.I seem to remember it saying 333max or some such.But I will check it out later on and try higher #s.Thanks for the advise you guys.
February 3, 2008 7:22:28 AM

Just outta curiosity, what's your 3DMark 06 score?
February 3, 2008 8:40:02 PM

Well, if you think your score was low, I just built my new build a month ago, and Its a Athlon 64 x2 6400BE, Asus M2N32- deluxe wireless, 4gb of DDR2 (6400) 800mhz Ram OCZ Gold 2X2gb kit, 500GB Seagate Sata/300 7200rpm 16mb cach, RX-750 watt power supply, and a XFX 8600Gt 512mb DDR2 ram. I love this new build, not that it means much but Vista scores are 5.6 on the CPU 3.2ghz(stock haven't OC yet, going to soon) 5.3 on the gaming grafix, 5.0 on the other grafix rating, and 5.9 on the OCZ Ram, 5.6 on my Seagate harddrive.

When I down loaded benchmark06 i thought I would at least get a 5000. First test I ran was 3925. I was very dissapointed. Did a little research and down loaded riva and stated the process of OC'in that weak 8600GT That EMP warned me about. I new it was not a very good card, but he was really right about it, very weak at best. I increased it by a rate of 10% to start, ran the bench test and sure enough I got 4273 at 10%. I then tried to go 20%, big mistake, i got the blue screen of death! I bumped it back down to 15% and ran the test, it came back 4373 @ 15%.

I already planned at RMA the 8600GT back to newegg, but thought I would give it a try and Oc it. Well I will be getting my BFG 8800GTS G92 512mb DDR3 ram tomorrow and I am hoping to hit atleast 15,000 on 06benchmark. I have not OC the 6400 yet but at stock it seemed to not do that great on the cpu test part of 06benchmark. I think it got 1.91 or 1.79 on the CPU test. So I am gonna OC It and see what happens. Let us know when you do yours, kinda wanna know what you get.
February 4, 2008 11:48:25 PM

yo fueled by ramen and medjohnson77...3dMark06 I got 12476@stock speeds.And I got 13004 by an ocing the card to 702/1004 using ntune.set fan to 80% to keep it cool.I could probably get those up much higher by ocing the 8800gts more and my cpu and memory.Im not quite ready to start playing with the bios fsb settings yet.I understand the cpu part but Im concerned about the memory.Does anybody out there know if its really better to sync the cpu/mem.My mem is 1066 in bios and cpuz reports it at 533.3 in dual ch.that=1066 so its hardly in sync.And crysis runs great on high settings.You might wanna think about the evga card that comes with crysis medjohnson77..not to mention step up program.I doubt the 9800 will be out in time though.
February 5, 2008 5:36:03 AM

There are some benefits by running the memory higher than the BUS speed, up to 2:3 after that it didn't seem to matter.

And your motherboard is more than capable running higher FSB it has adequate cooling on the motherboards nortbridge (MCH) . Check the link at my last post (behind the word motherboard). It said that same board as your's got up to 515 BUS speed which is 2060 FSB. The 1333 is just something that is officially supported. So the overclocking capability of your system is limited by your prosessor (it propably gets too hot) not by your motherboard.

People have been reaching 450 Bus speeds with air cooling. So that is something to aim for. Keep the temperatures under 60°C under load and you are on the safe side.
February 6, 2008 11:09:11 AM


I Just got my Card last Monday and I set it up and ran the bench mark 06,

Got a score of 11222 with everything on stock, used new Ntune to oc it and best I could get was 12,222. Started OC my 6400+ BE and best I could get was 3.49 GHz and I bumped the Volt up to 1.5 on the Processor shortly and put he fsb to 233 x 15 it seemed stable enough to run benchmark06 for a score of 12506. After I went to shut down my system and reboot it froze on me and not sure if it had to do with me trying to get my oc for the grafix card to save the settings i put in, In the rules section I tried to input the new specs by applying rules, and thats when I started having problems. I had had the computer go blue several time due to the wrong oc ratings on the CPU. I hope I haven't messed anything up, it is back on stock for the CPU for now and all seems ok. My temps got to about 54-60C when I was running all the test with it OC. So I don't think temps was a issue. I just don't see how you got 12476 at stock what are you running your set set up?
February 6, 2008 11:07:34 PM

That score for 06 was with everything at stock.But you have to remember core 2 duos are faster than amd X-2s.My E8400 also has 6megs of L2cache.And I am also running ddr2-1066 memory and that is probably the reason I got a little higher marks.Ive also had problems in the past by saving oc settings to the grafix card.So I oc the card but dont check the save setting so whan it reboots it goes back to stock.Which card did you get by the way?? I am also running xp.Still the gamers choice for higher frame rates.That will change soon enough probably though
February 6, 2008 11:51:20 PM

I have the BFG 8800GTS 512 MB G92
February 7, 2008 1:07:22 AM

I get a 3DMark06 score of 13500 with E6750@3.2Ghz, 2GB Corsair DDR2-800, Gigabyte P35 DS3L, EVGA 8800GTS (G92) 512 (740/2070). All I did for the OC was bump the FSB from 333 to 400. Locked my Ram at 2x, locked PCIE at 100Mhz...stable first attempt so could go higher.
February 7, 2008 10:04:40 AM

I Just OC mine last night to 3.4Ghz bumped the voltage up 1.5 on the cpu. I have OCZ gold (6400) 800-DDR2 2x2GB sticks that are running at like 940 I think, I increased the volts to 2.0 from stock 1.8, at stock my ASUS Mn32- wireless deluxe showed them at 800 right off the bat. I have bounced my 8800GT around with he OC, I got 798 core, 1081 to run stable with the fan at 100%. Is over clocking the CPU safe?? with he new 1.5 volts and the extra volts to the ram, I don't want mess up my computer just for a vista rating of 5.7 on the cpu up from 5.6. The CPU runs faster, got a score of 12,222 on bench mark 06. Should I leave the CPU over clocked like this or can it damage it or shorten life on it and the ram overclocking like this??? My temps are going from 34C-52C on the Cpu at load
February 7, 2008 10:05:45 AM

Oh yeah, I m running at 230mhz on the fsb, and a 15X mult.
February 7, 2008 9:58:21 PM

Those temps seem ok and as long as your rig is stable I wouldnt worry too much.Run prime95 too be sure and memtest.I havent ocd my e8400 yet and dont really plan to any time soon.Its fast enough for now.The only modern game I have is crysis and it runs smooth as silk.Oblivian also runs super so Im going to get that 2G+new textures mod.The only problem Im having is nvidia doesnt have video overlay anymore,just that adjust video color settings.Works Ok for winmedia player but doesnt effect my gaming brightnes or contrast.So my games are a little on the dark side.(like titan quest).Anyone out there know a fix for that???
February 7, 2008 11:30:44 PM

I'm getting 11,545 in 3DMARK06 with E8400 @ 3.4GHz, 8800GTS 320MB @ 650/1000, and 667MHz 2GB OEM RAM I got from Dell. Does that sound right to you guys? How do you guys get 13,000 points? Is that because of your 512MB GTS or because your RAM rapes mine or is my RAM equal or what? My RAM scores 5.9 in Vista after I overclocked the CPU by increasing the FSB. I also have the P35-DS3L.
February 8, 2008 7:03:48 AM

nforce256 Yes those 3dmark benchmarks will almost always give higher marks for 512 memory as opposed to 320.Plus the G92 cards have more pipelines open,higher clockspeeds and more advanced shaders I think.I dont know much about vista but I plan on installing it soon and having xp and vista both on my rig.Its not right but a-lot of games will run faster on xp.I hope that will change soon though.(It always does.)
February 8, 2008 10:41:56 AM

Yes FBM211 you are right about the 8800GTS 512MB G92 cards over the 320 version. Better card period, the 320 only has 96-112 streams and the 512mb has 128 streams. Even though i have Vista 64 and you think it would do better on benchmark06 guys with Xp are gettin higher scores. my ram also rates at 5.9 on vista, OCZ gold 2x2gb (6400) 800mgz
February 8, 2008 11:43:23 AM

One of my builds utilizes a silent 8600gts by Gigabyte. It crashes when running 3dmarks 01, 03, 05, and 06. Yet it can handle games and a whole night of atitool's fuzzy cube. So i don't give a damn.