What does it take to power the beast?

What does it take to power a beast like the Dell 3007WFP-HC? (See http://peripherals.about.com/od/displaysmonitors/fr/dell3007wfphc.htm ).

What graphic card solutions would do the job best, including SLI/CrossFire solutions?

What kind of image quality differences will you see when you are running at a lower resolution than the native resolution of 2560x1600 on a 30" monitor?

While I'm here, I also have to say that I'm disappointed by the lack of 2560x1600 benchmarking I've seen on Tom's and, well, everywhere...people just don't benchmark at that resolution. I don't think it takes a whole lot more to run through another demo at a higher resolution.

Any input is great guys! And before I pull any triggers I'm waiting to see what nVidia has to offer as a 3870X2 rebuttal. Maybe quad SLI/quad CrossFire is the only way to get reasonable FPS at resolutions that high. :)
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  1. You assume all review sites have been given a 30" LCD for testing. If someone game me one, I'd test at 25x16 :) Firingsquad sometimes tests at that res(if practical), just not in crysis.

    The more power the better at that res. 8800GTS 512MB SLI would get my vote as the price isn't too bad. A single 3870 x2 would proabably be ok. Just don't expect to be maxing crysis out at that res.

    I can't comment on how bad the interpolating would be on that monitor. Maybe someone that owsn one can comment if they find that satisfactory or if they play in a native smaller res window instead.
  2. Hopefully we'll have some comments from 3007WFP-HC owners.

    They have a new 3008WFP out, which can scale resolutions much better, however it also cost about double the price of a 3007WFP-HC...a 3007WFP-HC is already a boatload of money, doubling that is just, well, f'ing rediculous.

    I'll check out those benchmarks though! Thanks.
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