New Mobo / CPU / GPU Vista wont boot.

Hey guys just upgraded my cpu, ram, mobo, gpu, but kept my hard drive case etc to save money, im finding now that I cant start vista, which to behonest is what. I expect. But my dvd rw doesnt support SATA so I cant connect to motherboard. Hence no boot to re install windows, any tips? Would a
windows repair work? (Does that need the cd?)
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  1. Does the computer beep when it tries to boot?
    Is the HDD ticking over?
    Have you made/rebuilt a Desktop before?

    It shouldn't need the cd... it will just require the drivers for the new hardware...
  2. Yeah I built my last system. The bios works fine, it gets past the windows loading bit then the screen goes blue with loads of text then goes off quickly. I dont have any boot options till I buy a sata dvd drive tomorrow. iv also i.stalled sli, thatd need a vista reboot? It wont even go into safe mode
  3. Yea it could be that your sli drivers aren't installed and your trying to use that as your main stream video... either run off one GPU or even better the MoBo video if you have it... Install all your driver and then Happy Days..
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