Q6600 to 3ghz Heatsink or 3rd Party Cooler

I have yet to get my q6600 SLACR, (taking donations!). If I dial up the FSB to 333 to get 3ghz, will I need a 3rd party cooler? Keep in mind this will be in a new Antec900 case. Also my new Asus P5Q-E mobo will be easy to overclock right? Thanks for any advice, all is welcome here, its my first build. (Goodbye neutered DELL mobo :)
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  1. depends
  2. you should always buy a 3rd party cooler when overclocking it will help you to get better speeds and keep the temps down, however at 3ghz oc on that cpu with the 900, with the fan's at medium speed you should be ok. but you will need to monitor to be sure.

    same case same cpu, 40-45 degrees during games fans low with a zalman CNPS9500 Q6600 @3ghz coreV 1.3250
  3. Blacknight, I posted a few mins ago aboout, did any one have an antec 900 case. Could you tell what mobo you use. I want to put a Asus P5Q-E in one and need to know if that mobo will have headers for the case fans. I know I can use 4-pin molex as a backup. Nother question I cant get a plugin to work on the rivatuner monitor for CPU temp., What do you use to monitor temp? (Besides your hand :)

    hesskia- Depends on what?
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