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Okay, I have a low end computer with Windows Vista that was installed on it when it was given to me. Unfortunately I didn't have a disk for it and wanted to wipe my hard drive. After some rather bad advice I was given I found myself in the BIOS restoring the BIOS to it's default settings. After I did this Vista now starts to load the bar goes across the screen 2 1/2 times and then the reboot process starts over again.

I have tried messing with the boot order and looking at other options and nothing stands out. Oddly the computer does have a floppy drive that I don't think actually works but I attempted trying to disable the floppy drives as I read online that could be a cause of this issue. That didn't work either. When the error for windows came up I tried booting up in safe mode etc.. and that didn't work either. I went ahead and just reset the BIOS back to defaults and turned off the computer as nothing seemed to work.

My first question is does it sound like I messed up Windows and a new setup disk of the OS would alleviate my issues or does this sound like something I could fix in the BIOS? I find it hard to believe it could be a bad MoBo considering it didn't occur until I reset my Bios settings. I feel stupid for taking that dumb advice and wish I hadn't, any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. OK, can u try to go to the BIOS and check if it is set to IDE or AHCI?
  2. If it is IDE, switch it to AHCI. Save and exit.
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  4. I think it's set to AHCI or I thought there was a setting that was AHCI/IDE it might be set to. I'll have to check when I get home.
  5. Well, I think this is what happened..

    Your BIOS is not set to AHCI by default, so someone did that when he installed the OS. Than u did reset the BIOS and it came back to the default, the IDE and u cannot boot.
  6. And it does exactly what u described, it starts up and than it falls through after couple of the seconds.
  7. The SATA operation defaults to RAID Autodetect/AHCI. I tried the other options just to test and it still would not boot properly.
  8. So is my only option to find a copy of windows to reinstall the OS or is that not even an option?
  9. I didn't see any other Sata choices and it seemed my Bios's choices were relatively small to be honest with you in comparison with others i've seen. Thanks for your help either way though.
  10. Can u try to get in the safe mode? Keep pressing F8 during the start up...
  11. nikorr,

    Thanks for your assistance, I had a friend with a copy of Windows 7 which ended up clearing up my issue with trying to boot the OS.
  12. Glad its done AQuebman! Thanx for letting me know : )
  13. Not a problem, I was glad to know I had somewhere to turn for advice. :-P
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